Dresser Series B Meters are designed to provide continuous, accurate gas measurement in the gas distribution, gas transmission and gas production segments, as well as industrial in-plant applications. These meters are suitable for handling most types of clean, dry, common gasses at constant and varying flow rates. This includes Green-initiative friendly, 40% hydrogen blended natural gas Contact the factory for guidance on non-typical applications.e.

dRESSER industrial/Commercial Gas meters

Series B3 8C/11C/15C Meter

Dresser Measurement offers a competitive range of rotary meters for commercial and industrial metering applications, allowing for the selection of the correct meter size for cost effectiveness and accurate measurement.

8C/11C/15C size meters have a 6-3/4″ Flange to Flange dimension and 2″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections for standardization in the meter set design. As loads change, meter sizes are easily interchanged, saving the cost of re-piping. Metric sizes are also available.

Series B3 2M/3M/5M Meter

5M175 size meters have a 6-3/4″ Flange to Flange dimension and 3″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

Models 8C through 5M are available with a 200 PSIG (13,8 Bar) rating upon request
Models 8C through 2M are available with a 1-1/2” nippled connections upon request

Series B3 7M/11M/16M Meter

7M175 size meters have a 9-1/2″ Flange to Flange dimension and 3″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

11M/16M175 size meters have a 9-1/2″ Flange to Flange dimension and 4″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

Operating temperature range from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)

Series B3 23M/36M/56M Meter

23M232 size meters have a 9-1/2″ Flange to Flange dimension and 4″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

23M175 size meters have a 16″ Flange to Flange dimension and 6″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

38M175 size meters have a 18″ Flange to Flange dimension and 6″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

56M175 size meters have a 21″ Flange to Flange dimension and 8″ ANSI 150 Flanged Connections in the meter set design.

Electronic Temperature Compensating Accessories

Dresser Micro Corrector – IMCW2 (PTZ and T-Only)

The field proven Dresser Micro Corrector IMCW2 offers accurate volume correction integrally mounted to your rotary meter. This complete solution offers the reliability and accuracy you have grown to expect from Dresser products packaged in a complete, plug-and-play solution. The IMCW2 is available for live correction in various configurations including as Pressure, Temperature and Super-compressibility (IMCW2-PTZ), Temperature Only (IMC-T) and Pressure Only (IMC-P) models.

Improved low flow accuracy, intuitive user interface, and enhanced logging capabilities simplify and optimize gas measurement activities. The Smartprove interface reduces accuracy test time by up to 90%!

Compatible with Dresser Series A (LMMA), Series B, and Romet meters, the IMCW2 model is an integral corrector rated for Division 1 hazardous locations by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and ATEX.


This second-generation Micro Corrector (MC2) takes the proven MC platform and adds features to enhance the user experience. The MC2 can deliver data logging and increase operations and maintenance efficiencies.

The Model MC2 197, functions as a wall mount corrector. As a wall mount model, the corrector also performs as an economical pressure and/or temperature recorder.

The MC2 is rated for Division I hazardous locations by Canadian Standard Association (CSA).

Product Features

  • Up to three data logs provide years of historical information and are configurable in increments from one minute to one month
  • Audit log maintains a record of configuration and calibration changes
  • Available with your choice of lithium or alkaline sealed battery pack
  • Alarm and fault activity are displayed in the data log and audit log reports
  • E2PROM provides non-volatile storage of recorded data and corrector configuration, regardless of battery condition

DP Micro Corrector IMCW2 PTZ-DP

The only patented solution for meter health monitoring, the Dresser Differential Pressure (DP) Micro Corrector is an integrated solution which provides the gateway for reduced operational expenses and lower carbon emissions.

The Differential Pressure (DP) Micro Corrector uses continuous monitoring of the differential pressure drop across the meter to monitor your meter’s health, alerting you to conditions which may affect meter accuracy, and by default, lost revenue.

Revolutionizing Traditional Operations

Monitoring a meter’s differential pressure revolutionizes traditional operations and maintenance practices.  Instead of regularly scheduled meter site visits, companies can monitor the meter’s health and perform maintenance only as required. Companies can also benefit from the additional peace of mind that expected operations continue well after the technician has left the site.

Dresser ETC Index Delivers Accurate Temperature Compensation

The Dresser Electronic Temperature Compensator (ETC) is a direct replacement alternative for the existing Dresser mechanical Temperature Compensating (TC) indexes on Dresser Series B and Series A (LM-MA) meters.

The simple, easy to read ETC index provides accurate and reliable temperature and fixed factor pressure compensation. Dresser Natural Gas Solutions offers factory installation of the index, optional customization and configuration as well as installation of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) endpoints. The ETC is powered by a lithium battery with an average battery life of 20 years, and stores 150 days of hourly measurement data safely in the on-board non-volatile memory.

Dresser ES3 Electronic TC Indexes with Mechanical Backup

Accuracy and reliability are key requirements when selecting a temperature compensating (TC) index. The ES3 product line from Dresser Natural Gas Solutions provides the accuracy and reliability you have come to trust from Dresser rotary meters, plus the added security of the established Dresser Series 3 non-compensated mechanical index. The Dresser ES3 is designed for the current temperature compensated Series B meter family.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Non-compensated mechanical index
  • Reduced TC proving time (up to 97%) on Model 5 Prover with simple, single cable ES3
  • Non-volatile memory retains the last 150 days of time stamped logged data
  • Factory installed index on both new and refurbished Dresser meters
  • Factory configured indexes for immediate on-site installation
  • Compatible with commercially available AMR devices
  • Simple field replacement of existing Dresser meter indexes
  • Single point temperature recalibration
  • Configurable fixed pressure factor
  • Tamper-resistant magnetic scrolling of LCD display
  • 20 user selectable, scrollable display screens
  • Non-compensated counter masked to customer requirements
  • Battery life displayable in both months and voltage

Mechanical Indexes

Temperature Compensated (TC, TD, SSP)

Accessory Unit for Dresser Series B3 Meters

Temperature compensation, available in meter sizes 8C-16M, is accomplished by a mechanical computer with a spiral bi-metallic thermocouple (probe) located in a sealed temperature well at the meter inlet. Series 3 TC Units provide corrected gas volume readings to a 60˚F (15˚C) base temperature for readout in Standard Cubic Feet (SCF) or Normal meters cubed (Nm3) between flowing temperatures of -20˚F and +120˚F (-29˚C and + 49˚C).

Dresser B3 Meter with Solid State Pulser

The Dresser B3 Meter with Solid State Pulser1 generates low frequency pulses which represent volumetric information necessary for remote data collection units. Solid state construction eliminates mechanical switches and supports high-reliability. No battery and no maintenance are required.

The dual connector option allows one connector to be used with your AMR system and a separate connector for your customer. These pulsers are available for our Series B3 (Life-Lubed™) meters and Series A1 (LM-MA) meters.