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Established in 1982 - Represent largest names in Aviation sector

Presence in three largest cities - Dedicated and trained engineers - Long-term customer relationships

Company Profile

Marketing International Services (Pvt.) Limited (MISL) has a success story spanning over five decades. The Company was initially established in 1946 as a tender department of Mohamed Ebrahim and Company (Pvt) Ltd (“MECO”). In October 1982 MISL expanded to assume an independent identity of its own and was then incorporated as a private limited company. Today, MISL is the leader in its field.


Company Policy

Our strategy is to do neat and clean business within the law of the country in which we are working. We are a TRACE certified organization. We are WWF certified organization and follow GREEN standards to save energy, trees etc. We have also done energy Audits. We would like to be fair with all who we have worked with, this includes for example Customers and Partners. We believe this is the only way for a long relationship.



Almost all major pipelines in the country are fitted with either some or all of the equipment supplied by MISL, including the 700 km White Oil Pipeline from Karachi to mid-Country. Nearly 60% of all rotary positive gas meters used in Pakistan is supplied by MISL. 70% of safety valves used in large utility boilers are another one of our accomplishments. Most major SCADA systems are depending on our products. We have been