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A:  ampere(s)

A:  auto-tuned navaid

A-BPSK:  aviation binary phase shift keying

A-QPSK:  aeronautical quadrature phase shift keying

A-SMGCS:  advanced surface movement guidance and control systems

A/B:  autobrake

A/C:  aircraft

A/D:  analog-to-digital

A/G:  air/ground; air to ground

A/L:  airline

A/L:  autoland

A/N:  alphanumeric

A/P:  autopilot

A/T:  autothrottle

A&P:  airframe and power plant

AAC:  aeronautical administration communications

AAC:  airline administrative communications

AAC:  Army Aviation Command (Pakistan)

AAIB:  Air Accident Investigation Branch (U.K. equivalent of NTSB)

AAF:  airway facilities service

AAI:  Airline Avionics Institute

AAIPT: Aging Aircraft Enterprise Team

AAIU:  air accident investigation unit

AAL:  above aerodome level

AALC:  autonomous approach landing capability

AAMP:  advanced architecture microprocessor

AAR:  Automated Aerial Refueling

AATD:  Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (U.S. Army)

AATT:  advanced air transportation technology

AAS:  advanced automation system (FAA)

ABC:  automatic brightness control

AC:  advisory circular

AC:  alternating current

AC2:  Dolby surround

ACAA:  Air Carrier Association of America

ACAC:  air-cooled air cooler

ACAMS:  aircraft condition analysis management system

ACARS:  aircraft communications addressing and reporting system

ACAS:  airborne collision avoidance system

ACC:  active clearance control

ACC: airspace control center

ACC: area control center

ACD:  automatic conflict detection

ACDO:  Air Carrier District Office

ACE: actuator control electronics

ACE: advanced certification equipment

ACG: Assessment Compliance Group

ACIPS: airfoil cowl ice protection system

ACF: area control facility

ACK:  acknowledgment

ACMF: airplane condition monitoring function

ACMP:  alternating current motor pump

ACMS:  aircraft condition monitoring system

ACNSS:  advanced communication/navigation/surveillance system

ACP:  audio control panel

ACS:  active control system

ACS:  audio control system

ACT:  active

ACTC:  airport traffic control towers

ACTD:  advanced concept technology demonstration

ACU:  aircraft communications system

ACU:  antenna control unit

ACU:  apron control unit

ACU:  autopilot control unit

AD:  airworthiness directive (FAA)

ADAHRS:  air data attitude heading reference system

ADAS:  automated weather observing system data acquisition system

ADB:  airport database

ADC:  air data computer

ADC:  Air Defense Command

ADE:  application development engineer

ADF:  automatic direction finding

ADG:  air-driven generator

ADI:  attitude director indicator

ADIRS:  air data inertial reference system

ADIRU:  air data inertial reference unit

ADL:  aeronautical data link

ADLP:  airborne data link protocol

ADLP:  aircraft data link processor (Mode S)

ADM:  air data module

ADMS:  airline data management system

ADN:  aircraft data network

ADO:  airline dispatch office

ADO:  airport district office

ADP:  air driven pump

ADR:  address

ADR:  Advanced Data Research

ADR:  alternative dispute resolution

ADRAS:  airplane data recovery and analysis system

ADS:  air data system

ADS:  automatic dependent surveillance

ADS-A:  automatic dependent surveillance-addressed

ADS-A:  automatic dependent surveillance-automation

ADS-B:  automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast

ADS-C:  ADS-contract

ADS-R:  ADS-rebroadcast

ADSEL:  address selective

ADSP:  automatic dependent surveillance panel

ADSSG:  ADS Study Group (ICAO)

ADSU:  automatic dependent surveillance unit

ADT:  air data tester

AEA:  Aircraft Electronics Association

AECU:  audio electronic control unit

AED:  ALGOL extended for design

AEEC:  formerly Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (ARINC)

AEP:  ARINC engineering practices

AEP:  audio entertainment player

AERA:  automated en route air traffic control

AES:  aircraft earth station (Inmarsat)

AESA:  active electronically scanned array

AESS:  aircraft environment surveillance system

AEW:  airborne early warning

AEW&C:  Airborne Early Warning and Control

AF:  airway facilities

AFC:  Aeronautical Frequency Committee (AEEC)

AFC:  automatic frequency compensation

AFC:  automatic frequency control

AFCAS:  automatic flight control augmentation system

AFCS:  automatic flight control system

AFD:  adaptive flight display

AFD:  autopilot flight director

AFDC:  autopilot flight director computer

AFDS:  autopilot flight director system

AFDX:  avionics full-duplex switched Ethernet

AFEPS:  ACARS front-end processing system

AFGCS:  automatic flight guidance and control system

AFI:  authority format identifier

AFIRS:  autonomous flight information collection and reporting system

AFIS:  airborne flight information system

AFIS:  automated flight inspection system

AFM:  aircraft flight manual

AFMS:  automatic flight management system

AFN:  air traffic services facilities notification

AFP:  Airspace Flow Program

AFRL:  Air Force Research Lab

AFS:  additional secondary factors

AFS:  aeronautical fixed service (ICAO)

AFS:  automatic flight system

AFSK:  audio frequency shift keying

AFSS:  automated flight service stations

AFTN:  aeronautical fixed telecommunications network

AFTRCC:  Aerospace and Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council

AFU:  artificial feel unit

AGACS:  automatic A/G communication system

AGAE:  A/G applications engineering

AGATE: Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (NASA)

AGC:  automatic gain control

AGCOS:  A/G communication services

AGCS:  air-ground communication systems

AGCU:  auxiliary generator control unit

AGD:  ADS-B guidance display

AGDL:  A/G data link

AGIS:  A/G intermediate system

AGL:  above ground level

AGR:  A/G router

AGRM:  air/ground router-regional manager

AGS:  A/G system

AGSS:  ACARS ground system standard (AEEC)

AGTS:  A/G test station

AGVS:  A/G voice sub-network

AGW:  ARTS gateway

AHC:  attitude heading computer

AHQ:  Air Headquarters (Pakistan)

AHMS:  aircraft health monitoring system

AHRS:  attitude heading reference system

AI:  alternative interrogator

AI:  application interface

AI:  area incursion

AIA:  Aerospace Industries Association

AIAA:  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIC:  aeronautical information circular

AIDC:  air traffic services interfacility data communications

AIDS:  aircraft/airborne integrated data system

AIED:  aeronautical industry engineering and development

AIEM:  Airlines International Electronic Meeting (AMC)

AIFSS:  automated international flight service stations

AIL:  aileron

AIM:  airman’s information manual

AIMS:  airplane information management system (Boeing 777)

AIMS:  airport information management system

AINSC:  aeronautical industry service communication

AIO:  analog input/output

AIP:  aeronautical information publication

AIP:  Airport Improvement Program

AIP:  analog input

AIRAC:  aeronautical information regulation and control

AIRCOM:  digital air/ground communications service (SITA)

AIRE:  Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions (FAA)

AIRMET:  airman’s meteorological information

AIRO:  analog input/reference output

AIS:  aeronautical information service

AIS:  automatic information services (Eurocontrol)

AISG:  Applications Interface Sub-Group (IATA)

AIV:  accumulator isolation valve

AJPS:  AFEPS journal processing system

AKO:  Army Knowledge Online

ALC;  airline link control

ALC:  asynchronous link control

ALC:  automatic level control

ALMDS:  airborne laser mine detection system

ALPA:  Air Line Pilots Association

ALPS:  automatic line protection service

ALS:  application layer structure

ALT:  airborne link terminal

ALT:  altitude/alternate

ALT-HOLD:  altitude hold mode

ALTM:  altimeter

ALTN:  alternate

ALTRV:  altitude reservation

ALTS:  altitude select

ALU:  arithmetic and logic unit

AM:  access module

AM:  amplitude modulation

AMASS:  airport movement area safety system

AMC:  advanced mezzanine card

AMC:  Air Mobility Command

AMC:  auxiliary maintenance computer

AMC:  Avionics Maintenance Conference

AMCP:  aeronautical mobile communications panel

AMD:  advisory map display

AME:  amplitude modulation equivalent

AMF:  Airborne, Maritime and Fixed Station

AMF:  Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (Pakistan)

AMF-M:  AMF-Maritime

AMF-SA:  AMF-Small Airborne

AMF JTRS:  Airborne and Maritime/Fixed Station Joint Tactical Radio System

AMI:  airline modifiable information

AMLCD:  active matrix liquid crystal display

AMIS:  aircraft management information system

AMOSS:  airline maintenance and operation support system

AMP:  audio management panel

AMP:  Avionics Modernization Program

AMPL:  amplifier

AMRAAM:  Advanced Medium-Range Air to Air Missile

AMS:  acquisition management system

AMS:  apron management service

AMS:  ARINC maintenance service

AMS:  avionics management service

AMS(R)S:  aeronautical mobile satellite (route) service

AMSS:  aeronautical mobile satellite service

AMTOSS:  aircraft maintenance task oriented support system

AMTS:  aeronautical message transfer service

AMU:  ACARS/avionics management unit

AMU:  audio management unit

AMUX:  audio multiplexer

ANC:  Air Navigation Commission (ICAO)

ANDC:  airport and navigation data compiler

ANFR:  Agence Nationale des Frequences (France)

ANFS:  aircraft network and file server

ANICS:  Alaskan NAS Interfacility Communication

ANLP:  ARINC network layer protocol

ANP: actual navigation performance

ANP: air navigation plan/performance

ANPA:  advanced notice of proposed amendment

ANR:  active noise reduction

ANS:  air navigation system

ANS:  ambient noise sensor

ANSI:  American National Standards Institute

ANSIR:  advanced navigation system inertial reference

ANSP:  air navigation service provider

ANSU:  avionics network server unit

ANTC:  advanced networking test center

AO:  acronymic obfuscation


AOA:  angle of arrival

AOA:  angle of attack

AOAS:  advanced oceanic automation system

AOC:  aeronautical operational control

AOC:  aircraft operational control

AOC:  Airline Operational Control Center

AOC:  airline operations center

AOC:  airport obstruction chart

AOC:  airport operational communications

AOCC:  airline operations control center

AODB:  airport operational database

AODC:  age of data, clock (GPS)

AODE:  age of data, ephemeris (GPS)

AOG:  aircraft on ground

AOHE:  air/oil heat exchanger

AOM:  aircraft operating manual

AOP:  aeronautical OSI profile

AOP:  airline operational procedure

AOP:  analog output

AOPA:  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

AOR:  Atlantic Ocean region

AOR:  area of responsibility

AOR-E:  Atlantic Ocean region-east

AOR-W:  Atlantic Ocean region-west

AP:  airport location (ACARS/AFEPS)

APA:  Allied Pilots Association

APA:  autopilot amplifier

APANPIRG:  Asia/PAC Air Navigation Planning & Implementation Regional Group

APAS:  Active/Passive Aircraft Survivability

APB:  acquisition program baseline

APB:  auxiliary power breaker

APC:  aeronautical passenger communication

APC:  aeronautical public correspondence

APC:  autopilot computer

APCO:  Association of Public Safety Communications Officials

APFA:  Association of Professional Flight Attendants

APFDS:  autopilot flight director system

APEX:  application/executive software

API:  application programming interface

APIM:  ARINC Industry Activities Project Initiation/Modification

APIRS:  attitude and positioning inertial reference system

APMS:  automated performance measurement system

APL:  Applied Physics Laboratory

APLC:  airport performance laptop computers

APM:  approach path monitor

APN:  ARINC packet network

APP:  approach control

APPR:  approach

APR:  actual performance reserve

APRL:  ATN profile requirement list

APU:  auxiliary power unit

APUC:  auxiliary power unit controller

APX:  application/executive software

AQF:  avionics qualification facility

AQP:  avionics qualification procedure/program

AQP:  advanced qualification program

AQS:  advanced quality system

ARB:  arbitrary waveform generator

ARC:  aviation rulemaking committee (FAA)

ARD:  advanced requirement definition

ARDEP:  analysis of research & development in Eurocontrol programs

ARF:  airline risk factor

ARM:  area regional manager

ARMC:  area regional maintenance center

ARP:  air data reference panel

ARTAS:  ATM surveillance tracker and server

ASAS:  aircraft separation assurance system (AEEC)

ASAS:  aviation safety analysis system

ASC:  aircraft system controller

ASC:  aural synthesizer card

ASCII:  American standard code for information interchange

ASCB:  avionics standard communication bus

ASCPC:  air supply and cabin pressure controllers

ASCS:  air supply control system

ASCU:  anti-skid control unit

ASD:  aircraft situation display

ASDAR:  aircraft-to-satellite data relay

ASDB:  aircraft specific database

ASDE:  airport surface detection equipment

ASDE-X:  airport surface detection equipment, model X

ASDI:  Aircraft Situation Display to Industry

ASDL:  aeronautical satellite data link

ASDR:  airport surface detection radar

ASE:  altimetry system error

ASECNA:  Agency for Security of Aerial Navigation in Africa and Madagascar

ASG:  ARINC signal gateway

ASI:  airspeed indicator

ASI:  avionics system integration

ASIAS:  Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (FAA)

ASIC:  application specific integrated circuit

ASL:  above sea level

ASM:  airspace management

ASM:  autothrottle servo motor

ASME:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASOR:  Allocating Safety Objectives and Requirements

ASOS:  automated surface observation system

ASP:  ACARS sub-network protocol

ASP:  acquisition strategy paper

ASP:  aeronautical fixed service systems planning (AFS)

ASP:  altitude set panel

ASP:  arrival sequencing program

ASPP:  application specific programmable processor

ASR:  airport surveillance radar

ASRAAM:  advanced short range air-to-air missile

ASRS:  aviation safety reporting system

ASSTC:  aerospace simulation and systems test center

ASSV:  alternate source selection valve

ASTA:  airport surface traffic automation

ASTAMIDS:  Airborne Standoff Minefield Detection System

ASTERIX:  All-Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange

ASTF:  airspace system task force

ASTM:  American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTOR:  Airborne Stand-Off Radar (U.K.)

ASVI:  avionics serial video interface

ASV:  alternate servo valve

AT:  air transport

AT:  at an altitude

ATA:  actual time of arrival

ATA:  Air Transport Association

ATAS:  aviation traffic and application software

ATC:  advanced technology center

ATC:  air traffic control

ATCA:  Air Traffic Control Association

ATCBI:  ATC beacon interrogator

ATCC:  area and terminal control center

ATCRBS:  ATC radar beacon system

ATCSS:  ATC signaling system

ATCT:  air traffic control tower

ATIS:  airport traffic information system

ATIS:  automated terminal information service

ATIS-B:  automatic terminal information service-broadcast

ATDL:  air transport data link

ATE:  automatic test equipment

ATE:  avionics test and evaluation

ATFM:  air traffic flow management

ATG:  advanced concept technology demonstration

ATHR:  autothrust system

ATSRAC:  Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee

ATI:  airborne tracker illuminator

ATIDS:  airport surface target identification system/service

ATIS:  airport traffic information system

ATIS:  automatic terminal information service

ATL:  autothrottle limit

ATLAS:  abbreviated test language for avionics systems

ATM:  air traffic management

ATM:  asynchronous transfer mode

ATMAC:  Air Traffic Management Committee (RTCA)

ATMAS:  ATM automation system

ATMB:  Air Traffic Management Bureau

ATM DSS:  ATM decision support service

ATMS:  area navigation, test and management services

ATN:  aeronautical telecommunication network

ATNE:  ATN engineering

ATNP:  ATN panel

ATO:  air traffic operations

ATO:  Air Traffic Organization (FAA)

ATOL:  automatic take-off and landing

ATOP:  advanced technologies and oceanic procedures

ATP:  acceptance test procedure/plan

ATPAC:  Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee (FAA)

ATR:  acceptance test report

ATR:  air transport racking

ATR:  air transport radio: ARINC form-factor/standard case dimensions

ATS:  air traffic services

ATS:  air turbine starter

ATS:  autothrottle system

ATSAW:  Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness

ATSC:  air traffic services communication

AT/SC:  autothrottle/speed control

ATSGF:  air traffic services geographic filter

ATSMP:  air traffic services message processor

ATSO:  air traffic services organization

ATSP:  air traffic services provider

ATSRAC:  Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee (FAA)

ATSU:  air traffic services unit

ATWR:  apron tower (and operator)

AUSRIRE:  All Union Scientific Research Institute of Radio Equipment: CIS (former Soviet) agency

AUX:  auxiliary

AVC:  aviation VHF car rental availability (messages)

AVH:  aviation VHF hotel availability (messages)

AVLAN:  avionics local area network

AVLC:  aviation VHF link control

AVM:  airborne vibration monitor

AVN:  avionics

AVOD:  audio and video channels on demand

AVOL:  aerodrome visibility operational level

AVPAC:  aviation VHF packet communications

AVS:  aviation VHF seat availability (messages)

AWACS:  airborne warning and control system

AWAS:  automated weather advisory station

AWC:  Air Weapons Complex (Pakistan)

AWG:  American wire gauge

AWIN:  advanced weather information system

AWIN:  aviation weather information

AWIPS:  advanced weather interactive processing system

AWLU:  aircraft wireless LAN unit

AWM:  auto warning mixer

AWO:  all weather operations

AWOP:  AWO panel

AWOS:  automated/airport weather observing system

AWR:  aviation weather research

AZ:  azimuth: angular measurement in horizontal plane

B-NAV:  basic area navigation

BAMS:  Broad Area Maritime Surveillance

BBML:  broadband multi-link

BDA:  bomb damage assessment

BDMIS:  business data management and invoicing system

BDS:  comm-B designation subfield

BEA:  Bureau d’Enquetes Accidents (French equivalent of NTSB)

BEP:  back-end processor

BEPMS:  BEP management system

BER:  bit error rate

BFE:  buyer furnished equipment

BFO:  beat frequency oscillator

BFT:  Blue Force Tracking

BGARS:  basic general aviation research simulator

BGI:  bus grant inhibit

BGP:  border gateway protocol

BI:  burn-in

Bi-SC:  Bi-Strategic Command

BiG:  bilingual ground station (ACARS and VDL Mode 2)

BIS:  boundary intermediate system

BISMS:  BIS management system

BIST:  built-in self-test

BiSync:  binary synchronous control

BIT:  built-in test

Bit:  a binary digit

BITE:  built-in test equipment

BIU:  bus interface unit

BLK:  block/black

BMV:  brake metering valve

BNR:  binary

BNS:  boundary notification system (squitters)

BOC:  binary offset carrier

BOC:  bottom of climb

BOP/COP:  bit-oriented protocol/character-oriented protocol

BP:  bite processor

BPCU:  bus power control unit

BPL:  broadband over powerlines

BPS:  bits per second

BPSK:  binary phase shift keying

BR:  bridge

BRG:  bearing

BRI:  basic rate interface

BRNAV:  basic area navigation

BRT:  brightness

BSN:  backbone sub-network

BSC:  binary synchronous communication

BSCU:  brake system control unit

BSP:  board support package

BSU:  beam steering unit

BSU:  bypass switch unit

BTB:  bus tie breaker

BTMU:  brake temperature monitor unit

BU:  backup

BUEC:  BU emergency communications

BUFR:  binary universal form for communication representation

BWAN:  BU wide area network

Byte:  a grouping of eight bits