MISL is representing PPG Aerospace countrywide

We are offering PPG Aerospace products to our valued costumers in Military, Commercial and General Aviation.

MISL- PPG Aerospace Products

Aerospace Transparencies

For more than 10 years MISL have been representing PPG in commercial, General and Air force aviation in Pakistan. Our objective to provide every possible services to our customers, we offer wide range of products

  • We offer products fundamental to aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. That leadership is firmly established in the highly specialized field of Aerospace Transparencies .


Next-Generation Boeing 737, Classic B737, B727, B707

PPG also produces the main windshield for Classic 737 and Next-Generation 737 airplanes.

Supported the redesign effort of the No. 2 sliding cockpit window for Next-Generation 737 & Classic 737 airplanes by developing enhanced fullcoverage heating and incorporating an improved and wider metal insert structure. 

Overhaul and Repair
In addition, We are able to overhaul and repair the No. 2 framed window assembly.

Boeing 777

It offers exchange program for 777 windshields and acrylic No. 2 and No. 3 side cockpit windows offers cost savings over new parts.

Operators return a windshield or acrylic side cockpit window to PPG and receive a new or rebuilt replacement part from stock, affording the most efficient turn times.

Airbus – A300 / A310 / A330 / A340

We offer PPG’s rebuild/exchange program provides optimum flexibility when delivery timing is important while affording operators cost savings over new parts.

Operators return a cockpit main windshield to PPG and receive a replacement from PPG stock, affording the most efficient turn times

Repair Program: Cost savings, it repairs program provides optimum cost savings when cost savings are the main requirement. Repairs can include scratch removal, hump seal repair, outer ply replacement, and gasket remolding.

Cockpit windows for Airbus A320 Family (all CEO and NEO models)

Operators can new replacement windshields and side cockpit windows from PPG through us.

Its repair program provides optimum cost savings. Services for windshields and side cockpit windows include scratch removal, hump seal repair, terminal block repair, gasket remolding and SURFACE SEAL® coating application. In addition, the No. 2 framed window assembly can be overhauled and repaired.

Alenia ATR 42/72

A source of replacement windshields, side cockpit windows and passenger cabin windows for the ATR 42/72 family of aircraft.

Introduced a new design for the No. 2 side cockpit window for ATR 42/72 aircraft. 

Lockheed Martin C-130 & Lockheed Martin F-16 Aircraft

A leading manufacturer of windshields, canopies, windows, blast barriers and specialty transparencies for military applications

We represent PPG-Aerospace which has been primary supplier of cockpit window transparencies for the Lockheed Martin C-130 tactical airlifter since it took to the air in 1954, Lockheed Martin F-16 & many more.

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