In view of prevailing circumstances, we are offering products

The COVID-19 virus has spread worldwide without acknowledging borders. It has impacted all industries, all sectors and all aspects of our lives with devastating economic and financial losses and significant uncertainties.


Protect your AIRCRAFT while it is GROUNDED !

Protective and Temporary Coatings

As COVID-19 did a great impact on all sectors, for Aviation sector it has effected all the operations and now a large fleet is grounded due to suspension of flights. 

Protect your valuable multimillion dollar assets!

PPG Aerospace supplies a range of protective coatings which can be used to protect your asset in these difficult times.

Easy to use | Cost Effective | Easily Available

24/7 Monitoring of your AIRCRAFT ON-GROUND !


It is a smart and innovative solution that answers the growing demand for protection of aircraft on ground by Sabena Technics.

The security device guarantees 24/7 monitoring of the aircraft on ground and protects it from a variety of risks thanks to its 360 night and day vision.

  • – 96 hour on the battery or connected power (600 cycles for battery).
  • – 56 hours recording.
  • – Records on HD movie and Infra Red
  • – Transmission thru GSM, WiFi and Iridium satellite 
  • – It has Doppler and infra Red for detection.
  • – SMS and email sent as alarm condition received.
  • – Picture and video, when someone approaches the plane.
  • – Alarm conditions and manymore..


During this time of need to control the hazard of cross-contamination by virus or bacteria, PPG have launched surface Disinfectant 20R. 

The Disinfectant 20R is a ready-to-use broad-spectrum disinfectant solution for hard surfaces in industrial and institutional areas.

Disinfectant 20R has been formulated to disinfect hard surfaces such as floors & walls, metal surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, plastic surfaces, bathrooms, shower stalls, office furniture and cabinets.

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