KAPPA OPTRONICS makes full use of many years of experience as one of only a few EN/AS 9100 certified camera suppliers. For all indoor and outdoor applications, we offer Rugged Design cameras, certified to aviation norms and flexibly adaptable.

Rugged & certifiable: When lives and safety are at stake, Kappa delivers the best, most reliable, and most precise vision solutions.

MISL is the leading representative of KAPPA Optronics countrywide

        Cameras and Vision Systems for Anything that Drives or Flies!


Flight Test Cameras

We offer FE320 Flight eye, SE320 Space eye, FE350 Flight eye, FE250 Flight eye, FE310 Flight eye.

Head-Up Display (HUD) Cameras

MISL is representing KAPPA Optronics which offers an advanced Head-Up Display Cameras with Latest CMOS Technology 


We aslo offer camera solutions for every UAV and UAS use requirement and range (Tactical, MALE, HALE). High resolution imaging is a key factor in UAV missions such as piloting, targeting, surveillance and search & rescue.

Aircraft Surveillance Cameras

A platform for all safety requirement for Cockpit Surveillance Cameras, Cabin Surveillance Cameras, Cockpit Door Surveillance Cameras

Inflight Entertainment: On the passenger display with high-resolution video from the tail camera.

The cameras are certified according to DO 160.  Anti-icing and anti-fog even in 11.000 m altitude.

Air-to-Air Refueling Cameras

Kappa’s Enhanced Vision System for Air-to-air Refueling Cameras.

It combines rugged design refined through experience in harsh environments with mission proven state-of-the-art technology.

it is been continuously developed and optimized in the AAR Vision System of the A330 MRTT tanker.

CAMERA in Lightweight Crash Recorder (LCR)

Kappa FE 320 LCR camera for light aircraft, helicopters and UAVs

Upcoming EU regulations

You are an aircraft manufacturer, an aircraft operator, a flight school or a pilot, your platforms will need to be equipped with in-flight recording (under specific terms & conditions)

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