MISL is representing Nexeya which is an innovative industrial group that operates mainly in the following industries,

Defense | Aeronautics | Space | Energy | Railway

NEXEYA provides products and solutions to manufacturers of civil and military aircraft, as well as to their equipment manufacturers.

It also proposes a range of products to test aircraft avionics and electrical systems (validation, integration, fault detection) as well as specific tools for assembly lines.

NEXEYA has designed, manufactured, and supported innovative equipment for air, land, naval, and joint task forces. The company also supports them in their two major challenges: To increase aircraft reliability | To improve their performance

Navigation guidance and Optronics: Nexeya provides embedded systems for gathering and processing of data as well as guidance and navigational lotting equipment.


Electromagnetic protection and combat systems: NEXEYA designs power conversion solutions that provide magnetic silencing for submarines and frigates. NEXEYA also offers operational maintenance services for combat and weapons systems.


Surveillance, detection and intelligence: NEXEYA develops mission management systems that can detect and identify threats, helping with decision making.

Test and integration solutions

Performance and safety for your critical systems.

NEXEYA provides test, integration and control-command solutions, and supports its customers throughout each phase of their projects: design, test, production, operational maintenance, repair and obsolescence management

Test and system integration | Telemetry solutions and flight tests | Control-command systems| Testing tools for production and maintenance

Mission Management Systems

For naval and air defense, surveillance or internal security missions, NEXEYA offers operational solutions for detection and command support, offering a clear picture of a given tactical situation, supporting decision-making

SURMAR solutions and ISR | C2 Naval Solutions and Combat Management System | Simulation Systems | Embedded Equipment | Trajectography and Surveillance Systems

Power Conversion

NEXEYA offers its expertise in power electronics and intelligent motor control for ground-based or embedded applications, whether civil or military.

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