• MISL represents some of Safran’s divisions such as, Safran Aerotechnics (for the JF-17 Aircraft pilot emergency oxygen system) & Safran Data System (for end-to-end flight test and telemetry solutions from sensors to analysis).


  • SAFRAN Aerotechnics (formaly known as Zodiac Aerotechnics) is the world leader in the manufacturing of oxygen systems & masks for civil and military aircraft.


  • SAFRAN Data System: In early 2018, Zodiac Aerospace was integrated within the Safran company. SDS involved in the manufacturing of base systems, antennas, data equipment, telemetry equipment, satellite control system etc.

Safran Aerotechnics

Oxygen Systems

Safran Aerotechnics
Safran Aerotechnics

We are representing Safran Aerotechnics for Oxygen Systems which designs and manufactures the systems & masks for the Military Aviation Sectors, ensuring the safety of flight crews in the event of cabin depressurisation or the presence of smoke.

Its capacities in terms of innovation, design, simulation and testing, Safran Aerosystems can supply its customers with advanced safety systems, guaranteeing unrivalled performances and helping to optimise operating costs.

Safran Data System (SDS)

Setup, Configuration & Data Analysis

eZ: integrated FTI Software, Suite and Services: From configuration of the testing architecture to live processing, eZ gives can efficiently manage the whole testing architecture and functionalities.

Decommutation, display and processing replay and analysis tools

eZ Software Suite is a key decommutation system allowing real time and post-test display and analysis of all flight parameters Decommutation, display and distribution  of acquired data

Data & Video Acquisition & Recording


XMA & MDR (Modular acquisition units for a scalable fti network)

The combined families of data acquisition and recording units offer the whole functionalities needed for on-board acquisition FTI (independently or simultaneously)

MD-GT (High speed data recording & high capacity storage)

Data Communication

Compact Gateway: IRIG-106 is an IRIG standard widely used in the Flight Test community for multiplexing Synchronous & Asynchronous data into a single PCM stream.

Stand-alone or Integrated Switches: Enables a strong capacity of switching data flows

Stand-alone or Embeded Transmitter: Output power (typically up to 10w) | modulation (pcm/fm, soqpsk-tg, multi-h cpm, etc.) | coding (ldpc). (Available as l-band, s-band and c-band)

Flight Termination Receivers

The highly reliable FTR140 offers its compact package and fully digital operation for use on any type of missiles, UAVs , targets or RPV.

Flight termination Receivers

Embedded Transmitter

Integrated Switches

Tracking & Reception

COMTRACK is the ideal antenna for fast deployable  and transportable solutions.

The SPARTE Family, provide full coverage used for shipborne & mobile applications.

L/S/C Tri-Band Feed: Receive signals & track simultaneously.

Best Source Selector (BSS): Selection f Best signal received simultaneously from different antennas (same target).

Cortex RTR & Compact RX-1 Receivers: RX-1 is a perfect fit for mobile telemetry applications when high no of channels of reception is required.

Telemetry & Signal Recorders

Cortex RSR: It provides the safest data recording for one-shot flight tests such as missiles and space launchers & also provides full capability of range validation prior to a flight

GMDR: It is a powerful ground station data recorder that seamlessly integrates into customers’ existing test center architecture. It hosts a live-signal reconstruction capability and intelligent data reduction and dissemination

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