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We are offering end-to-end flight test and telemetry solutions from sensors to analysis.

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In early 2018, Zodiac Aerospace was integrated within the Safran company, making Zodiac Data Systems enter in an international high technology group with more than 91,000 employees located in 60 different countries.

From data acquisition units, dedicated or embedded recorders, switches, transmitters, flight termination receiver, antennas, receivers, ground recorders to full capable software suite, our offer encompasses all your FTI instrumentation needs.

Set-up and Configuration

eZ: integrated FTI Software, Suite and Services: From configuration of the testing architecture to live processing, eZ gives can efficiently manage the whole testing architecture and functionalities.

Integrated sensor calibration management: eZ is a highly-reliable FTI system configuration software and a fully integrated tool for sensors calibration.

More information less data: On-board processing solution enables to decrease the telemetry downlink load by reducing data size

Cloud computing interface provided by eZ offers intuitive and smooth customization of processing within the instrumentation

Effortless configuration for display & processing: On-board processing capacities of our equipment are fully configurable within eZ.

TMATS export is also provided for configuration of third party data processing and display software.

Data and Video Acquisition and Recording

Xma and MDR (The modular acquisition units for a scalable fti network)

The combined families of data acquisition and recording units offer the whole functionalities needed for on-board acquisition FTI (independently or simultaneously):

Data and video acquisition | Live processing | Full Ethernet network & many more

Compliant with IENA, iNet, Ethernet, IRIG106  as per requirement ARINC bus, Strain gauges, Video inputs, data logging


Ruggedized design for harsh environments | Modularity (stackable) for an optimized footprint in narrow spaces | Universal analog conditioning module and on-board live processing.


High-bandwidth recording capacity up to 800MBits/s | Multi-file and in-destination recording | Wide range of video interfaces | Several Tera-Bytes storage capacity with no limitation.

MD-GT (High speed data recording & high capacity storage)

It expands the boundaries  of the airborne recorder’s flexibility.

It can be connected to multiple analog sensors and digital buses.

The system allows to record data from multiple very high speed sensors and offers up to 16gbps recording bandwidth on a 80tb canister.

Data Communications

Compact Gateway

IRIG-106 is an IRIG standard widely used in the Flight Test community for multiplexing Synchronous & Asynchronous data into a single PCM stream.

The IRIG-106 gateway can merge several PCM outputs, Video channels and Ethernet data streams into a single PCM telemetry channel which can be transmitted to the ground using a regular Transmitter, whatever the Frequency Band (typically L, S or C) and/or Modulation type (FM, SOQPSK,) including Coding or not.

Stand-alone or integrated switches

Dedicated equipment enable a strong capacity of switching data flows in your architecture, Gb-switch or highly ruggedized equipment are available.

The NEX and MHUB modules also offer the switching capacities integrated in XMA or MDR for a lighter solution.

Stand-Alone or Embedded Transmitters

The small size, light weight and robustness of transmitters make them ideal for integration in narrow space with harsh environment.

Available as l-band, s-band and c-band, they offer several programmable

Output power (typically up to 10w) | modulation (pcm/fm, soqpsk-tg, multi-h cpm, etc.) | coding (ldpc).

Flight Termination Receivers

The highly reliable FTR140 offers its compact package and fully digital operation for use on any type of missiles, UAVs , targets or RPV.

It has been qualified on both MIL STD-461E and MIL STD-810F.

Tracking & Reception

Full Range of Telemetry Antennas

Aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, missiles, space launchers are covered by our wide range of antennas. Being future-proof, they have the capability to cover all bands  for telemetry (L, S, C).

COMTRACK is the ideal antenna for fast deployable  and transportable solutions thanks to its very light weight, compactness and easy installation.

SPARTE family, (SPARTE 300, SPARTE 500, SPARTE 700), for mission-critical applications.


It provides a full coverage of each and every need whatever the distance to be covered and the constraints of the flight trials.

The SPARTE family can also be used for shipborne and mobile applications without any compromise on performance.

L/S/C Tri-Band Feed

WE are representing Safran Data Systems which offers the best match of technology, performance and price with a patented highly miniaturized common L/S/C radiating front end fitted with a modular set of active RF modules. Therefore, the feed is able to receive signals and track simultaneously in each band with a small and light-weight enough enclosure so that it may be mounted on dishes as small as 6 feet (1.8m).

Frequency Bandwidth

L-Band 1429 – 1545MHz

S Band 2200 – 2400MHz

C Band 4800 – 5250MHz

Up to 3 bands (L/S/C) simultaneous reception and tracking in a single feed enclosure

Tracking feed from 50Hz up to 1000Hz scanning frequency

Independent active RF module & filtering for each band allowing S, C, L/S, S/C, L/S/C configurations

Compact and efficient design based on concentric printed radiating elements n Triplexing of Σ + Δ signals for each polarization

User selectable Low and High gain on tracking feed

Cortex RTR & Compact RX-1 Receivers

Safran Data Systems offers two products, the Cortex RTR and the RX-1 receiver, with the same level of performance (quality of reception, demodulation and decoding) and integrating all functions  from combining features, demodulations to data streams over Ethernet.

It can be used as reference for critical applications (missile or launcher telemetry), the RTR is also used widely by space agencies around the world.

An advantage of the technology of the CORTEX RTR, the RX-1 is a perfect fit for mobile telemetry applications and when high number of channels of reception is required.

Multiple frequency bands (IF, P, L, S, C)

Multiple inputs from 1 to 4.

Space, frequency diversity-combining.

Adaptive Equalizer.

Demodulation (PCM/FM, SOQPSK, STC, etc.)

Decoding (LDPC, etc.)

Data encapsulation (DQE, DQM)

Data outputs under different formats.

Best Source Selector (BSS)

It enables real-time automatic selection of the best signal received simultaneously from different antennas targeting the same airframe.

It allows seamless hand-over from different antennas (either extending the reception range  or securing data reception while one antenna does not provide relevant data):

Up to 8 inputs (Analog signal or PCM data),

Programmable selection criteria: Eb/No, DQE/DQM, frame synchronizer status, majority vote,

Data output: PCM (data and clock), PCM stream in Chapter 10 packets on Ethernet.

Telemetry & Signal Recorders

Cortex RSR

It offers multi-channel Intermediate Frequency (IF) as well as Radio Frequency (RF) signal recording/ reproducing, and additional data types such as IRIG-B, AGC, PCM (analog or data&clock) and analog baseband.

It provides the safest data recording for one-shot flight tests such as missiles and space launchers. It also provides full capability of range validation prior to a flight


It is a powerful ground station data recorder that seamlessly integrates into customers’ existing test center architecture. It hosts a live-signal reconstruction capability and intelligent data reduction and dissemination

Input Data types: PCM, ETHERNET,  ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, CAN, analog, serial, discrete…  | Video interfaces: DVI, SDI, PAL, NTSC, RTP…

Trunkey Ground Stations

The whole system includes antennas (fixed, mobile or shipborne), receivers, recorders, decommutation system to provide the user a ready–to-use station

We are representing Safran Data System which is having wide expertise as a full turnkey solution provider, with aims  to provide the best solution for flight test campaign, for both in the air and on the ground.

Data Analysis

Decommutation, display and processing replay and analysis tools

eZ Software Suite is a key decommutation system allowing real time and post-test display and analysis of all flight parameters Decommutation, display and distribution  of acquired data through:

Real-time and post processing | Engineering units conversion |  Intuitive data display | Storage of raw and engineering units data

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