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We are offering Safran Aerotechnics (Product: Oxygen Systems) to our valued costumers in Military Aviation Sector

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Safran Aerotechnics
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SAFRAN Aerotechnics (formaly known as Zodiac Aerotechnics) is the world leader in the manufacturing of oxygen systems & masks for civil and military aircraft.

Safran Aerotechnics includes quick donning masks for commercial aircraft that can be fitted in all cockpit configurations, as well as masks for the highly specific requirements of the sector. 

Product Line for Military Aircraft System: Aircraft Fuel System | Oxygen & Life Support Equipment | Oxygen Regulation Systems | Liquid Oxygen Converter | Oxygen Mask for Helicopter & Military Aircraft

Oxygen Systems

We are representing Safran Aerotechnics for Oxygen System which designs and manufactures the Systems & masks for the civil and military aviation sectors, ensuring the safety of flight crews and passengers in the event of cabin depressurisation or the presence of smoke.

Its capacities in terms of innovation, design, simulation and testing, Safran Aerosystems can supply its customers with advanced safety systems, guaranteeing unrivalled performances and helping to optimise operating costs.

Cockpit Oxygen Systems

The EROS® crew oxygen mask range is a world leader in this field. Its latest version, the 40 series, includes the integrated SmartMike® microphone which helps reduce breathing related noise.


It’s 358 series is a reference product for military transport aircraft.

Safran Aerosystems also designs a large range of gas and liquid oxygen bottles fitted with regulators or valves, available for most commercial and military aircraft.


We proudly represent Safran Aerotechnics for the JF-17 aircraft pilot emergency oxygen system.

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