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Marketing International Services (Pvt.) Limited (MISL) has a success story spanning over five decades. The Company was initially established in 1946 as a tender department of Mohamed Ebrahim and Company (Pvt) Ltd (“MECO”). In October 1982 MISL expanded to assume an independent identity of its own and was then incorporated as a private limited company. Today, MISL is the leader in its field.

MISL tend to work on the most sophisticated products and high technology as we have the capcity to add value to our customer where high end products are concerned.

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MISL is dedicated to provide the necessary technical support and after sales services

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  • Orbit Valves

    Job Performed by the Cameron & MISL Engineer’s Team during PRL annual shutdown in 2018.

  • PPG Industrial Paints

    PPG Anti corrosive LNG Pipeline Painting Supervision at Engro Vopak in 2016.

  • Gas Meters

    Services Provided to Gas Utilizing Companies in Pakistan.

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PRL Annual Shutdown 2019

PPL Anual Shutdown 2019, Job Performed by Cameron & MISL Team.

Trade Performance Awards

MISL was awarded first prize under Defence Engineering firm for the 2009 Trade Performance Awards by the Pakistan French Business Alliance (PFBA).

PPL IHS Project Imlementation

The in-house cleansing of fast moving material is anticipated to be completed by October 2013