PPG Pipeline Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Resilient anticorrosive protection systems that reduce costs, improve transport capacity and prolong asset durability

PPG are a global leader in paints, coatings, and materials. 

Operating in more than 70 countries, our extensive research and manufacturing capability means we deliver, every time. 

We are proud to work every day to develop the groundbreaking products and services that our customers continue to rely on. 

PPG, your trustworthy coating provider for performance and reliability!

Quick deliveries

We have over 120 stock points, 16 hub and distribution centers, and 35 manufacturing facilities spread across all continents, along with thousands of stores and authorized dealers. This enables us to provide a globaldelivery service that is both fast and reliable.



World-class manufacturing facilities

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and laboratories are regularly assessed to guarantee consistent product quality and performance worldwide

Global Technology Centers

Our research and development is globally integrated, with laboratory locations and scientists in the primary regions where we operate. This model combines Global Technology Centers together with local business support.

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