Plenty Filter is an industrial Filter/Strainer operation that provides filtration solutions to all industries worldwide. Products include:

• Plenty Process
• Plenty Standard


Plenty History
First Established in 1790
Entered the Filtration Market in 1950’s
One of the widest Filtration product offerings in the world today
Plenty have two distinct Filtration business units focussing on the industrial and engineered markets.
Plenty Process Filtration have a dedicated team of experienced engineers utilizing their process and mechanical design skills to produce quality solutions to our customers requirements.

Plenty Process Filters Products

Plenty Process Filters provide the complete package of Liquid & Gas Filters,Filter Separators,Coalescers,Scrubbers,Carbon Bed Filters & Cartridge Filters
Internally process analyze to provide the best technical filtration solutions
Capability to design to International design codes and specific customer specifications.
Proven tried & tested local fabrication while up holding.  Plenty high quality requirements and delivery within agreed timescales.
Project manage in exceeding all customer expectations.
Provide Process / Mechanical warranty
Have extensive worldwide reference lists
Approved vendors to the main Oil / Gas & Engineering contractors worldwide



Liquids        –  Basket Type
Liquids        –  Cartridge Type
Liquids        –  Automatic Backwashing
Liquids        –  Activated Carbon – Canister & Bed
Gas              –  Dry Gas – Cartridge & Pafic
Gas              –  Wet Gas – Filter Separator
Gas              –  Wet Gas – Cyclone-Porta Test


A range of simple strainers intended for service similar to temporary conical strainers but with their own element housing.
Specifically designed for location into a pipework system that cannot be split to extract the screen after commissioning is complete, or where the strainer is to be left installed as an additional permanent safeguard.
Units may be flanged or welded into the line and the screen is extracted through the branch opening.
Each unit is provided with a flanged cover.

Bathtub strainers may also be installed as a permanent strainer for removal of course particles or where contamination is minimal.

Sizes: 6″ – 24″ NB as standard.


Body: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, 90/10 Cupro nickel alloy, 6MO High alloy stainless steel.

Screen: Mild steel, Stainless steel, or special alloy as requested.


Welded steel single basket filters designed to meet customer requirements and covering full range of pipe line sizes.

Fabrication design allows options of bolted or quick release covers to be selected and easy adaptation to suit customer requirements for materials and design conditions etc.

Sizes: 6” and 60” NB, flanged or butt weld connections.

Materials: Fabricated from carbon steel and standard or stainless steel to special order, all fitted with baskets and inserts as required.

Design codes: ANSI B.314., ASME VIII or BS.5500.


Strainers designed and manufactured for specific duties – especially high fluid velocities (flow rates) or low pressure loss requirements.
Used in pump suction duties, turbine meter protection, offshore etc.
36” Hi-Flow Filter
Crude oil pipeline in the Middle East

Custom designed for low pressure loss and high velocity applications such as pump suctions or meter protection duties where contamination levels are relative low.

A straight through flow pattern and the use of vertical pleated screen gives resultant clean pressure drops much lower than conventional bucket type basket filters.
Lightweight design can give significant commercial benefits especially on applications requiring high design pressures or exotic materials.

Size: 4” to 60” Bore (design pressures and flange ratings to suit requirements).

Carbon steel l Stainless steel l special Cupro nickel alloy, 6Mo.
Filtration Screen material: lMild steel lStainless steel l Monel.

56”Backwashing Basket Strainers
Main Seawater Intake LNG
Plant Qatar

48” Fabricated Duplex
Crude Oil Middle East


A range of fully automatic backflushing filters covering all sizes and pressures.
Sizes: From 6” upwards of any pressures above 30 PSIG.  Filtration from 5mm to 50 micron.
Typical applications include power station applications, ACW, Boiler Feed and seawater filtration.
Materials:  Welded construction allows manufacture in any material from carbon steel with lining to special alloys.
Automatic Backwashing
1. Alstom – Castle Peak Power station
700mm NB Condensate extraction Auto Backflushing Filters
2. Shell – Stanlow refinery
Auto Backflushing filters – various sizes.
Backflush Filter Operating
Q15 Fully Automatic Backflush Filters
Supplied to Enagas Spain Application Seawater
Liquid -Activated Carbon
Bechtel – Karachaganak     Value £50k Each
4”class 150# Activated Carbon Bed Filters (50m3/hr)


Custom Designed & Fabricated Medium & High Pressure Dry Gas Filters
Custom Designed & Fabricated Filter Separators, Cyclones, Scrubbers & Vane Packs.
Carbon Bed Filters
Horizontal Filter Separator
Horizontal Gas Filter
Disposable Elements
Disposable ‘depth’ filtration cartridges
Gas Service
resin bonded fibreglass
1 -2 micron
Liquid & Gas
1 -2 micron (gas)
5 – 10 microns (liquids)


Simplex S Up to 51 Bar 2” to 12”
J Type Up to 100 Bar 2” to 12”
Simplex T Up to 153 Bar 2” to 10”

Custom Built Gas Filters
Middle East Gas Distribution System

Horizontal gas filters
Fabricated filters for use in pipeline applications with higher flow rates or higher pressures.
Medium or high pressure applications.
Nozzle orientation to suit customer requirements.
Approved closure with built-in safety bleed interlock.
Mesh inserts or disposable elements.
Available in high grade alloys.
Extensive reference list.


For larger capacities and pipe sizes the Type H is a welded steel horizontal filter that may be custom designed or is available as standard with quick release closure and designed for working pressures up to 100 Bar – 1440Ib/in².
Supplied with either two or three triple length elements servicing time is minimised.
The welded construction enables inlet and outlet nozzles to be radial positioned to suit site pipe work.
Filter closure may be bolted although generally a quick release closure is utilized.
Designed for high-pressure systems requiring a filter of the highest quality and specifications.

Horizontal High Pressure Gas Filter
24”Class 600 supplied to British Gas

16” Class 1500 Horizontal Gas Filter
Fitted with Bolted Cover Option
Application:– North Sea Sage Terminal


Plenty Process Filters offer low cost disposable fibreglass elements. Inner & outer support baskets are made of Stainless Steel & are cleanable & re-usable


A range of specialised units used to separate liquids from gases.  Each unit is built to suit specific operating conditions.
Knock-out pots – simple method for removing larger size droplets and liquid slugs.
Vane separators – remove smaller liquid droplets.
Filter separators – two stage separators using coalescer  elements and vane elements for very efficient removal of fine droplets as well as solids.
Multi cyclone separators – remove large quantities of solids and liquids by centrifugal force in multi cyclone bundles.
Selection Chart for Filter Separators


The Plenty Vertical Filter Separator will remove 100% of all droplets 8-10 microns and larger and 99.5% of all droplets ½-8 microns in size.
It will also remove 100% of all solid particles, 3 microns and larger 99% of all particles ½-3 microns in size.
These operating efficiencies apply over the entire flow range from maximum design down to virtually zero flow.
The first stage of the filter separator consists of a number of glass fibre coalescer /filter elements through which the wet gas passes.
The small liquid drops carried in the gas stream are trapped within the glass fibers of the element and coalesce to form drops 100 to 200 times larger than the original size.
These drops pass through the element wall and are carried forward by the gas stream to the second stage vane type separator.
The second stage consists of a vane type impingement separator, which operates exactly as described for vane separator.


2 Stage Filter Separator
Hawiyah Gas Plant,Aramco Saudi Arabia
All Stainless steel
24” Class 900 2 Stage Separator
Malampaya Gas Plant Philippines
Designed to accommodate 3m³ liquid
loads in large sump
12 x 24” Class 600 Coalescers
South Pars Gas Project Phases 2 & 3 Iran
Vanes & Cyclones
Typical Cyclone Bundle. (below)
Gas enters cyclone tubes in tangential slots creating spinning action.  Contaminate is thrown to outside and falls and only clean gas enters central tube and exits at top.
Typical Vane Unit. (Above)
Gas flows through vanes (left to right) and moisture collects and runs down to bottom section which has single outlet to the holding sump.