RCS Electric Actuator



The RCS product line offers the broadest and most versatile range of speeds, torque outputs and available voltages of any electric actuator manufacturer on the market today. Coupled with an extensive line of control and network communication accessories, RCS is capable of offering both standard and unique solutions to a host of challenging automation requirements. The MAR and DCR models are available in quarter-turn reversible and extended travel versions, or in unidirectional and multi-turn versions in selected models.

All RCS electric actuators are powered by extended duty, high-torque reversible motors that are suitable for on/off service or modulating duty, and are Class “B” insulated with internal thermal protection that protects the motor from overheating in a stall condition. Each actuator is provided with a clearly marked and accessible terminal strip to provide for ease of field wiring termination.

All gears used in RCS electric actuators are manufactured from high alloy steel, precision machined and then heat-treated for exceptional strength. Each gear assembly is designed and tested to withstand the stall torque generated by the motor. The gear assembly is lubricated at the time of manufacture with a high quality lubricant selected to meet a wide range of operational and environmental conditions. Periodic lubrication is not required. All RCS actuators can be installed and operated in any position, allowing for flexibility in field installations.


Types of RCS Actuator