• It collects 99.97% of Oil drop lets 0.3 micron and larger.
  • Removes virtually 100% of Oil Mist elimination.
  • The Recovered Oil return to reservoir minimizing Oil Loses.
  • At the heart of the Dollinger Oil Must Eliminator is a high efficiency coalescing element.
  • The Coalescers combine small aerosols through the filter media to form large droplets


  • Filter housing is designed and constructed in accordance with the ASME VIII.
  • Constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. Special requirements for low temperature applications can also be accommodated.
  • Efficient radial fin filter element design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size.
  • Ensured integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid.
  • Dollinger filter element can be cleaned and re-used many times.
  • Elements may be inter-changed to vary the degree of filtration.


  • Water / oil mist removed from compressed air lines
  • Oil recovery downstream of rotating machinery
  • Pre-filter / separator to absorptive air / gas dehydration systems
  • Removal of final traces of free liquids from natural gas for the protection of instrumentation, valves, piping,
  • A premium coalescing element is also available for high temperature or corrosive applications.


  • Carbon Steel with hammer tone finish.
  • ASME code designed and built.
  • Closure hinge standard on vessels 275mm OD and larger.
  • Head lift assembly available.
  • Flanged Adapter available for threaded connections.
  • Stainless steel or other materials of construction available


  • It provides 98% efficiency at 10 microns.
  • It has an maximum dirt holding on minimum pressure lost.
  • An electro galvanized steel frame and synthetic fibre filter medium combine to make the element cleanable and reusable.
  • This assures positive sealing with no contaminant bypass and a high differential pressure capacity.
  • All models can be furnished with a variety of interface connection including the transition section