Andco Actuators

No need to worry about air compressors or hydraulic lubrication, Andco electric linear actuators are self-contained, electro-mechanical actuators designed for precise positioning and automation of material handling and flow control equipment.

Andco Eagle Actuator

Andco Eagle Linear Actuator is a completely self-contained electro-mechanical device. Its compact design is equivalent in size to hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Designed and fabricated for easy installation and dependable long-life operation, these actuators are driven by a high-starting torque motor with thermal overload protection, non-rotating extension rod, non-backdriving acme screw and all metal gearing.

Product Features

  • Acme Screw Design
  • Stroke Lengths: 6” – 36”
  • Velocity:  0.2 IPS – 2.0 IPS
  • 200 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. of Force
  • Single & Three Phase Motors
  • Integral Limit Switch Standard

Andco 7000 Series

The Andco 7000 Series linear actuator is a completely self-contained, electromechanical device. Designed and fabricated for dependable, long-life operation, these actuators are used for positioning, automation of material handling, or flow control equipment.

Product Features

  • Acme or Ball Screw Design
  • Stroke lengths: 6” – 60”
  • Velocity:  0.2 IPS – 12.0 IPS
  • 900 lbs. to 42,000 lbs. of Force
  • Single & Three Phase Motors
  • Optional Motor Brake
  • Integral Limit Switch Standard for On/Off or Mid-Positioning
  • Position Indicating Options