UNIS Power has developed its own unique boiler solutions for broad variety of customer applications. For our fired boilers we use different combustion technologies such as fluid-bed, grate or conventional burner of pulverized coal, oil or gas. We are fully capable to design our boilers for wide range of fuels including biomass, coal, different gases/off-gases, oils and other special liquid fuels. Our waste heat recovery boilers are typically installed behind gas turbines (HRSGs); alternatively for different industrial waste heat utilisation.

The solutions of UNIS Power represent technical perfection and consistent customisation from technical study to final delivery and assembly. Lifetime service is an integral part of our customer assistance including after-sale service, test & diagnostic service or assistance with major reconstructions and operational improvements.


  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators all sizes
  • Clean Biomass Fired Biolers     30-200 t/h
  • Coal Fired Boilers              30-500 t/h
  • Special Gas/Oil Fired Boilders  40-600 t/h

Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Gas turbines

  • Utility concept (up to any size)
  • Industrial concept (20 – 170 MWe)
  • Gas engines (large installations)

Industrial processes

  • Customised design

Large variability of standard solutions

  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Single, double or triple pressure with reheat; DH circuit
  • Hot water applications
  • Supplementary / Fresh air firing
  • Various erection concepts – „O“/“C“ modules, bundles or loose harps
  • SCR and/or CO catalyst

Clean Biomass Fired Boilers
Grate Firing
Fluidized-bed Firing


  • Range of application: 30 – 200 t/h, 40 – 140 bar (a)
  • Different Biomass Fuels such as Wood Chips and Pellets, Sawdust, Straw, Bark, Pulpwood, Cardboard and other Biomass Residues including Agriculture.
  • Coal as a Support/Substitute Fuel
  • Bottom Supported
  • Primary De-NOx
  • SCR/SNCR Systems

Coal Fired Boilers

Grate Firing
Pulverized Coal Firing (Dry or Wet Bottom)
Fluidized-bed Firing


  • Range of application: 30 – 500 t/h, 40 – 175 bar (a)
  • Wide Range of Coal Quality Experience
  • Re-heat steam system
  • Bottom or Top Supported
  • Primary De-NOx
  • SCR/SNCR Systems

Special Gas/Oil Fired Boliers

CoGB compact design, Packaged boilers

  • Range of application: 40 – 200 t/h, 40 – 140 bar(a)
  • Modular concept for easy construction

Field erected:

  • Range of application: 80 – 600 t/h, 40 – 175 bar(a)

Hot water:

  • Range of application: 50 – 250 MWth, 10 – 25 bar(a)
  • Special gaseous and liquid fuels such as blast furnace gas, coke-oven gas, hydrogen, heavy fuel oil, coking tar and other waste fuels and fuel combinations
  • Bottom or top supported
  • Primary De-NOx
  •  SCR/SNCR systems