Dresser Natural Gas Solution (USA)

Rotary Gas Meters, Metering & Pressure Reduction Skids, Piping Solution

Chemical Injection Pump

Crane ChemPharma & Energy (GmbH)

Chemical Injection Pump

Process Valve & Actuators

PTFE High-Performance Butterfly Valve, Lined Plug Valve, Sleeve Plug Valve
& Ball Valve
Industrial Diaphragm Valve
Plastic Lined Pipe

Full line of polypropylene, TEFLON, PVDF-lined & fittings. Resistoflex
corrosion-resistant plastic-lined, pipe, fittings & TEFLON lined hoses.

ESD Ball Valve

Trunnion Mounted, Side Entry, Emergency, Shut Down, API 6D, ASME
Class 600, 900, 1500 Ball Valve
Rising Stem Globe Valve

Zero Leakage, Frequent on-off ESD & Isolation Globe Valve
Precise flow control

Commonly installed on Christmas tree, line headers, Offshore platforms.
Douglas Chero Spa Forged Valves

Gate valve, Globe valve, check valve, Steam trap & Strainers
WKM a Schlumberger Company

Floated & Turrnioun Mounted Ball Valve
TXT Plug Valve
TXT Plug Valve a Schlumberger Company

Chemical Injection Pump
Nutron a Schlumberger company

PTFE High-Performance Butterfly Valve, Lined Plug Valve, Sleeve Plug Valve
& Ball Valve
APV an SPX Brand

Plate type Heat Exchanger
Plenty Mixers an SPX Brand

Side Entry Mixers
Lightnin an SPX Brand

Top Entry Mixers
Bran+Luebbe an SPX Brand

Chemical Injection Pump and Sutemd
Dollinger Filtration an SPX Brand

Stage Air Intake Filter, Oil Exhaust Filters Oil Mist Eliminator, Liquid
Copes-Vulcan an SPX Brand

Application Globe Style Control Valves, Trim, Actuators, Desuperheaters,
Nuclear Control Valves.
Johnson Pump

Centrifugal Pumps
Ingersoll Rand

Centrifugal Gas Compressor


Industrial Lubricants & Grease
WEIR (Gabbioneta) Pump

API 610 Centrifugal Pump (latest standard)
IHS Markit

EDIN-Well Data, QUE$TOR- National Oil Company Oil & Gas Cost Analysis,
PETRODATA-Offshore field development market, PEPS, GAPS & VANTAGE.
Cameron Drilling Division

BOP- Below out Preventers
Cameron Nuflow

Gas & LiquidTurbine Meters
Cameron – CALDON- LEFM

Ultrasonic Meters
PPG – Industrial Paints

Marine Coating, Power Plant Coating, Tank
Farm Coating & Pipeline Coating.