Cameron Land Drilling Packages

Maximize drilling efficiency with a comprehensive solution.


Land drilling


  • Expedited time to total depth (TD)
  • Reduced total cost of ownership Minimized NPT
  • Increased operational efficiency at the rig site\
  • Longer equipment service life and enhanced equipment reliability
  • Improved HSE profile



  • Four tailored, standardized packages
  • Complete rig assembly
  • Drilling control system (DCS)
  • Plug-and-play connection and startup
  • Integration of all systems into one centralized, standardized, and scalable network
  • Seamless interface with Schlumberger software
  • Automated sequences
  • Zone management system to minimize risk of machinery collision on drillfloor
  • Real-time recording and storage of all drilling, equipment, and events data
  • Analysis while drilling
  • Software that minimizes top drive stick/slip
  • Configurable drilling control room (DCR) with a streamlined human-machine interface (HMI) and working environment
  • Industry-leading drilling and pressure-control equipment
  • Global services and support
  • Flexible procurement options, including condition-based maintenance(CBM) agreements
  • 24/7 global service network for minimized downtime
  • Remanufacturing facilities that ensure equipment availability
  • Training courses available for operators and maintenance personnel at strategically located centres around the world

Land Drilling Products


CMP 1600 mud pumps

CDW-375 drawworks

The pressure-energized U BOP is the most widely used ram-type BOP in the world.

  • Reduced sealing force for long ram seal life
  • Hydraulically opening bonnets
  • Field-replaceable bonnet cylinders, pistons, and seals
  • NACE compliance

CMP 1600 mud pumps
Ideal for land applications, CMP mud pumps
provide increased mobility and high performance
in a compact design.

  • 1,600 hp
  • 7,500-psi pressure rating
  • Carburized gear, premium antifriction roller bearings
  • Water- and air-cooled heat exchangers
  • Simplified discharge manifold

This powerful dual-motor drawworks provides high redundancy in a compact package.

  • Dual 1,150-hp AC motors with a single gearbox
  • High-capacity Wichita® plate brake
  • Optional 2:1 planetary motor reducers

TD-500-AC-2M top drive

T-90 BOP

CDW-500 AC drawworks

High-quality components, modularity, and reliable gearboxes, controls, and automation make Cameron top drives the preferred choice for optimized drilling.

  • 500-T capacity
  • Redundant dual-motor AC design
  • High-precision, redundant sensors
  • Robust gearbox design
  • Dual retention of all fasteners

When vertical space is limited, the T-90 short-body annular BOP provides a
dependable closing and sealing solution.

  • 5,000-psi pressure rating
  • Synthetic rubber packer
  • Monogrammable to API 16A

This power dual-motor drawworks provides high redundancy in a compact package, offering optional planetary speed reducers that enable full hoisting capacity at half speed in the event of motor interruption.

  • Dual 1,600-hp AC motors with a single gearbox
  • High-capacity Wichita plate brake
  • Optional 2:1 planetary motor reducers

Pipe handling equipment

3.5-4.5 SmartCat catwalk machine

Choke & kill manifolds

Cameron provides effective and reliable pipe handling solutions for land rigs based on your
needs. Engineered with a fail-safe design philosophy, Cameron pipe handling equipment ensures high uptime, improved safety, and
reduced operation cost.

  • Hands-off pipe handling
  • Reduced need for workforce on drill floor and in the mast
  • Increased safety
  • Fast and reliable tripping
  • Remote-controlled operations
  • Streamlined and intuitive solutions
  • Reduced operational cost

The SmartCat catwalk machine efficiently transports drillpipe, collars, casings, subs, and other equipment from the pipe deck to the drillfloor. It offers fast, smooth, and more flexible transport operations than traditional catwalks and tubular-type conveyor catwalks. The unique design optimizes the angle of the pipe onto the drill floor. In addition, the optional crane function ensures catwalk versatility and simplifies handling of objects between the ground level and drill floor.

  • Fully automated operation from DCR
  • Automatic modes for operation
  • Handling of a wide range of different tubulars
  • Compact design

Our choke manifold systems manage well pressure fluctuations encountered during drilling by diverting flow through a series of valves and chokes.

  • 15,000-psi pressure rating
  • Compliance with API Standard 53 and API 16C
  • ABS and DNV certification
  • Components monogrammable to API 6A