CAMERON Drilling Equipment

Cameron Drilling equipment a total Rig Package Solutions bring the Cameron reputation for safety and reliability to all your equipment and service needs. This complete suite combines our best-in-class equipment and comprehensive services, providing custommers with a lower total cost ownership. Through our worldwide network of resources, we present full life cycle support, for conceptual design to a full range of services. And our globle infrastructure provides service and support wherever and whenever needed. For reliable rig equipment and far-reaching service, the clear choice is Cameron


The pressure-energized U BOP is the most widely used ram-type BOP in the world.

  • Reduced sealing force for long ram seal life
  • Hydraulically opening bonnets
  • Field-replaceable bonnet cylinders, pistons, and seals
  • NACE compliance
  • Application: Offshore (surface) & onshore
    Body styles: Single, double, triple, quad
    Pressure-energized rams
    Lock type(s) Manual locks standard; hydraulic locks
Cameron Drilling equipment

CMP 1600 mud pumps

Cameron Drilling equipment

Ideal for land applications, CMP mud pumps
provide increased mobility and high performance
in a compact design.

  • 1,600 hp
  • 7,500-psi pressure rating
  • Carburized gear, premium antifriction roller bearings
  • Water- and air-cooled heat exchangers
  • Simplified discharge manifold

CDW-375 drawworks

This powerful dual-motor drawworks provides
high redundancy in a compact package of Cameron Drilling Equipment
■ Dual 1,150-hp AC motors with a
single gearbox
■ High-capacity Wichita® plate brake
■ Optional 2:1 planetary motor reducers

CDW-375 drawworks

TD-500-AC-2M top drive


High-quality components,
modularity, and reliable
gearboxes, controls, and
automation make Cameron top
drives the preferred choice for
optimized drilling.

  • 500-T capacity
  • Redundant dual-motor
  • AC design
  • High-precision, redundant sensors
  • Robust gearbox design
  • Dual retention of all fasteners

T-90 BOP

When vertical space is limited, the T-90 short-body annular BOP provides a
dependable closing and sealing solution.
■ 5,000-psi pressure rating
■ Synthetic rubber packer
■ Monogrammable to API 16A


CDW-500 AC drawworks


This power dual-motor drawworks provides high redundancy in a compact package, offering optional planetary speed reducers that enable full hoisting capacity at half speed in the event of motor interruption.

  • Dual 1,600-hp AC motors with a single gearbox
  • High-capacity Wichita plate brake
  • Optional 2:1 planetary motor reducers

Pipe handling equipment

Cameron drilling equipment provides effective and reliable pipe handling solutions for land rigs based on your needs. Engineered with a fail-safe design
philosophy, Cameron pipe handling equipment ensures high uptime, improved safety, and reduced operation cost.

  • Hands-off pipe handling
  • Reduced need for workforce on drill floor and in the mast
  • Increased safety
  • Fast and reliable tripping
  • Remote-controlled operations
  • Streamlined and intuitive solutions
  • Reduced operational cost
Pipe handling equipment

Mast and substructure


The Maverick* fast-moving rig’s innovative design combines easy and fast rig-up and rig-down with a high level of structural strength. Able to handle the harsh challenges of high-volume horizontal drilling and move quickly, the Maverick rig has a proven track record of enhancing drilling efficiency in some of the world’s most demanding pad drilling applications.

  • Craneless mast and substructure rig-up
  • Advanced hydraulics for mechanized rig-up and enhanced crew safety
  • Mast-raising cylinders for raising the substructure and mast
  • Built-in drill floor fluid containment
  • Transportation of top drive in the middle section and the traveling block in the mast crown section
  • Seamless integration with the Lift &
  • Slide walking system to provide “rig walking” capability
  • Ability to rotate using just a Lift & Slide system

Choke and kill manifolds

Our choke manifold systems manage well pressure fluctuations encountered during drilling by diverting flow through a series of
valves and chokes.

  • 15,000-psi pressure rating
  • Compliance with API Standard 53 and API 16C
  • ABS and DNV certification
  • Components monogrammable to API 6A
  • Compliance with API standard 53 & API spec 16C
  • ABS & DNV certification
  • API 6A monogrammed components
  • Material class DD-0.5 to EE-NL
  • Temperature class L ot x (-50 to 350 degF[-45 to 176 degC]
  • Product specification leve: PSL 2 OR 3
  • Hydraulically actuated components to allow for remote operation

CMP 2200 mud pump


With increased mobility in a compact design, CMP mud pumps provide greater efficiency in land applications.

  • 2,200 hp
  • 7,500-psi pressure rating
  • Carburized gears and premium antifriction roller bearings
  • Water- and air-cooled heat exchangers
  • Simplified discharge manifold

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