Cameron Drilling

The Cameron U BOP is the most widely used ram-type BOP for land, platfor, and subsea applications worldwide and offers the widest range of sizes of any Cameron ram-type BO. Like all other BOPs offered by Cameron, the rams in the U BOP are pressure-energized. Wellbore pressure acts on the rams to incrase the sealing force and maintain the seal incase of hydraulic pressure los. Seal integrity is improved by increased wellbore pressure.
Available in sizesranging from 71/16 through 263/4 in with flange, hub, or studded top bottom connections
Durability and field-proven design
Multiple bonnet configurations: standaard pipe, shear bonnets and tandem boosters 
Lifting plates are available to provide a safe method for movind the BOP
Side outlets are available in flange, hub, or studded connections
Minimum slippage of untreated crude through the electrostatic field.


  • Onshore drilling
  • Offshore drilling


  • Field-provenpressure contrl technology 
  • Wide range of sizes available


  • Bonnet seal carrier is available to eliminate the need for high makeup torque on bonnet studs and nuts.
  • Manual or hydraulic operating systems available
    Internal reversible piston provideds additinal force necessary for shearing a wide variety of ipe and at the smae time provides a redueced sealing force for long ream seal life.
  • Hydraulically operated locking mechanisms, wedgelocks, are available for subsea applications
  • Most operating system seals can be replaced with the bonnet in the ramchange position without removing the bonnets
  • Retrofit to UM convertible bonnet is available to provide more shearing force without the need for shear bonnets, large bore bonnets, or tandem boosters.