Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics

Assess the cost and margin positions of operating chemical plants according to geography, capacity, time, technology, feedstock, operating rate and integration level.
How confident are you in your ability to evaluate the long-term competitiveness of operating plants?

The Chemical Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics (CCMA) 12-months subscription provides an excel model, updated on a quarterly basis, aligned to IHS Markit comprehensive production capacity database, technology and economic evaluations and long-term price forecasts. The service provides an interactive tool with the full functionality needed to effectively perform your longer-term strategic analysis and benchmark the competitive position of operating chemical plants. Key features include:

Key Features:-
  • Production cash cost and margin estimates, identified by individual plant
  • Functionality to generate estimated economics for hypothetical plants
  • User-defined price adjuster model, from product price to immediate feedstock level and global crude oil price
  • Annual cost/margin curves: 5 years history and 10 years forecast
  • Monthly cost/margin curves: 3 months history and 15 months forecast
  • Global plant list with technology and capacity data
  • Regional feedstock, by-product and utility price forecasts
  • Energy price basis and energy outlook
  • Executive overview and methodology

How do our clients use the Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics service?

ccma cost analysis1

Recent Enhancements and Future Developments

Product Enhancements

  • Delivered cost added to Estimated plants
  • Ability to modify price sensitivities inputs for historical years
  • Ability to override the crude oil scenario results with individual entries
  • Ability to view cost basis as total cash cost or variable cost
  • Ability to include estimated shipping on the estimated plants calculations
  • Ability to adjust steam crackers feedslate on the estimated plants calculations

New products released in 2019 and upcoming

  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) resin
  • Lithium Carbonate/Lithium Hydroxide (upcoming)

Enhancements coming in 2020

  • Integrated naphtha transfer costs (from Refinery CMA) for olefins and aromatics
  • Percent margin on revenue