The former SPX FLOW Power & Energy business is now Celeros Flow Technology. Celeros Flow Technology brands – namely Copes Vulcan, Plenty filtration, Plenty Pump, Dollinger is a recognized and well-respected leader in its particular field. Each has proved successful in offering extremely effective, feature-rich solutions to its customers. These solutions are all based on cutting-edge technical expertise, which is backed up by in-depth engineering support plus exceptional aftermarket service.

MISL Working relation with Celeros (SPX Flow Technologies)

MISL is Sales Representative of Celeros (SPX Flow technology) in Pakistan more than two decays. Uptill now we have been supplied large number of  Plenty Mixers, Copes Vulcan Steam Control Valves,  Plenty mirless pumps, Dollinger Air Inlet filter  to E&P, Chemical/Fertilizer Refineries and Power Houses. Since we are a large number of install based in these industries.

What we Are offering

Cupes vulcan Valves

Dollinger Filters

Plenty Filters

celeros Brands