Choke Valve

Cameron’s control choke valves are designed to provide precise flow control throughout their entire operating range, with a well-proven track record in the field:

The plug and cage control choke uses the plug as the controlling element and throttles the flow on the internal diameter of the ported cage. The ports in the cage are sized and arranged to give the most appropriate combination of control and flow capacity for each application.

A major consideration when sizing the choke is the ability to closely manage well startup while optimizing capacity toward the end of well life to maximize production.

The plug and cage design is highly optimized and incorporates the largest-possible flow area, making it ideal for high-capacity applications. Plug and cage chokes also are constructed with a solid tungsten carbide plug tip and inner cage for extended resistance to erosion. These valves may further be configured with a solid tungsten carbide wear sleeve in the outlet of the body to provide enhanced protection in sandy service.


  • Large visual indicator provides position in 1/64-in (bean) as standard.
  • External grease port lubricates threads and bearings.
  • Stem lock maintains set position.
  • Bleed plug assembly vents pressure before disassembly.
  • Antirotation key translates rotation from the drive bushing into linear movement of the lower stem/flow plug assembly.
  • Two-piece stem is threaded and locked and is removed from wellbore fluids. 
  • Large annulus area reduces the risk of body and trim erosion caused by high velocities.

All control chokes are available in manually operated or actuated models. Custom-designed trim components to suit a wide variety of Cv capacities and flow characteristics also are available.