Copes-Vulcan is a long-established manufacturer of state-of-the-art valve solutions for dealing with liquids, vapors and gases. Our control valves, actuators and steam conditioning equipment continue to be the informed choice for companies across the globe that are involved in the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial processing and nuclear energy sectors for severe and critical service applications.

Control Valve

SD Severe Duty Control Valves

The SD-Severe Duty valve is Copes-Vulcans premium severe duty and critical service control valve design.


SD style control valve assemblies feature a straight through globe and angle style body design with single web internal construction.

The valve body is designed with high structural integrity, large interior flow passageways and a large capacity bowl to accommodate an extensive variety of trim designs while allowing maximum recovery within the valve.

  • The massive amount of body and bonnet material utilized and the thick cross sectional areas allow the SD valve to withstand the most severe operational conditions.
  • The valve is available in sizes .75-20″ (20-500mm) and ASME pressure classes 150 through 4500 standard. Larger sizes are available as required.
  • Typically cast construction, all standard castable materials are available.
  • Depending upon size and pressure class, ends are available as threaded, flanged or welded.
  • SD Series valves can be fitted with an extensive array of standard and high performance trims to meet most severe duty/critical service requirements.

General Service Control Valves

General Service Valves deliver a new standard of versatility, rugged dependability and cost effectiveness.


  • Straight-through globe style body design with streamlined precision cast bodies provides smooth contours and transition areas; minimizing flow restriction and maximizing capacity.
  • Computer calculated cross sections and wall thicknesses assure high structural integrity while maintaining a favorable strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Available in 0.758 (20200mm) sizes as standard, ANSI pressure classes of 150600, and most standard castable material choices, with either flanged, welded or threaded end connections.
  • Can be equipped with an extensive array of standardized trims to meet virtually any general service requirement.
  • Raven, HUSH, Tandem, and GAD high-performance trims are available and can be used to control occurrences of cavitation, flashing or noise. All trims are quick change to assure ease of maintenance and are fully interchangeable between like sizes to ensure maximum flexibility and reduced inventory requirements.
  • A complete range of 700 series pneumatic diaphragm actuators are available.

Steam Turbine Bypass Valves

Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomization (DSCV-SA)

The DSCV-SA embraces the demands of operational excellence, very tight shut off, eliminates thermal shocks, high rangeability, size and installation flexibility combined with low maintenance.


The DSCV-SA is generally used for Turbine Bypass applications where the valves typically remain closed for long periods of time to isolate steam flow.:

  • Cast & fabricated design.
  • Wide size configuration
  • Extremely flexible
    • Flanged or butt weld connections
    • ANSI 150 4500, standard, intermediate and split classes
    • Minimum straight line lengths required
  • High water capacity for large cooling duties
  • Low required coolant pressure
  • High coolant turndown ratio
  • Pressure seal or bolted bonnet; ‘Quick Change’ design trim

Direct Steam Converting Valve (DSCV)

The Copes-Vulcan DSCV is an angle style valve that combines pressure and temperature reduction. The DSCV is custom engineered for specific operating parameters. DSCVs are generally used for applications where the valves typically remain closed for long periods of time to isolate steam flow.


  • High flow capacity to 9500 Cv
  • Pressure class to ANSI Class 4500
  • Unlimited inlet/outlet connections available
  • Class V shut off available
  • Multiple spray configurations available
  • Valve trim serviceable in line through bonnet
  • Low noise trim options including Raven and Hush styles
  • Broad range of actuators to meet stroke time requirements
  • Diffuser provided for additional noise and vibration control

Check Valves

Copes-Vulcan has supplied check valves to the nuclear industry since the early 1970s. It is designed to provide positive shutoff even at low differential pressures.


  • 3-18 inch, Class 150-1500+
  • Bolted bonnet
  • Available without cobalt
  • Carbon, stainless and special materials


Pressure Reducing Desuperheating Valve (PRDS)

The Copes-Vulcan PRDS is a single seat, angle style valve that combines pressure and temperature reduction in one compact solution.


  • High-quality cast body
  • Smooth body contours to reduce stress concentration
  • Fully guided plug reduces wear
  • Trim is fully accessible through the bonnet for ease of maintenance
  • Solid valve stem eliminates thermal stress experienced in hollow stem designs
  • Unique water mixing provides superior control and eliminates piping thermal liners.

VO-II Variable Orifice Desuperheater

Copes-Vulcan’s VO Variable Orifice Desuperheater is a versatile desuperheater. It is capable of meeting the most demanding needs for desuperheating in both the power and process industries.


  • The VO II offers extremely fine control and exceptional turndown that is limited only by the rangeability of the coolant control valve itself. Typically the unit can achieve a rangeability of 100:1 when matched with a Copes-Vulcan control valve fitted with Cascade trim design.
  • Due to excellent mixing of vapor and coolant, control is possible throughout the entire operating range to within 5 °F (2.5 °C) of the set point, which can be as close as 10 °F (5 °C) above saturation.
  • The coolant pressure, which is required at the inlet to the VO II need only be 5 PSI (0.35 bar) above the pressure of the vapor being desuperheated.
  • Since virtually all the desuperheating occurs within the body itself, usually no pipe liners or long downstream straight pipe runs are necessary.

SA-35 Steam Atomizing Desuperheater

The Copes-Vulcan SA-35 Steam Atomizing Desuperheater is used to reduce the temperature of vapors such as steam with condensate such as water. It was developed to obtain a more uniform spray under varying load conditions where no pressure drop in the steam header can be tolerated.

This desuperheater is made in four sizes, in pressure classes up to and including Class 1500.


  • High rangeability 25:1
  • Shorter mixing distances than mechanical atomizing desuperheaters
  • May be installed in either horizontal or vertical piping
  • Temperature control to within 15º F (8.3º C) of saturation with the ability to hold set point within tolerance of 10º F (5.6º C)

MNSD Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater

The Copes-Vulcan Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater offers optimum performance and rangeability in a variable spray tube design. The MNSD fills the performance gap between the limited capability of a simple mechanical spray type desuperheater and the virtually unlimited capability of Copes-Vulcans Variable Orifice Desuperheater. The MNSD offers high temperature capabilities and up to Class V leakage rating.


  • Temperature control to within 15°F (8°C) of saturation with the ability to hold set point within a tolerance of 10°F (6°C)
  • Standard maximum available Cv of 10.5 (Kv of 8.9)
  • Water flow turndown of 150:1 or higher
  • User friendly design – nozzles and trim assembly can be removed without disconnecting the actuator
  • No need for separate cooling water control valve
  • Designed for applications with temperatures up to 1150°F (620°C)

MNSD Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater

The VAD is a cost effective, line size desuperheater. Produced from stock materials it is readily available to satisfy general desuperheating and gas cooling applications.

Essentially a dynamically contoured, stainless steel spray head concentrically located within a short section of pipe (body). The pipe acts as the desuperheaters outer body and pressure boundary. It fits into the main vapor line via either line size flanged or butt weld end connections for easy installation.


  • Temperature control to within 5 °C (10 °F) of saturation
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • High rangeability 15:1
  • Coolant pressure need only be 0.5 bar (7 PSI) superior to vapor
  • Self-regulating 360 degrees coolant annulus for uniform distribution.
  • No spray nozzles to introduce blockage concerns
  • Full atomization over the entire operating range
  • Minimal vapor side pressure drop
  • No thermal liners required.

MA-I / MA-IU Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheaters

The Copes-Vulcan MA-I/MA-IU Mechanical Desuperheater is generally used for attemporating applications featuring steady loads. It is particularly designed for rugged service and can maintain final temperature to within 20°F (11°C) of saturation.

Maximum cooling liquid capacity is 25,860 lbs/hr (11,700 kg/hr) at a nozzle differential pressure of 160 psi (1100 kPa) when using 100°F (38°C) water. Multiple units or other models can be installed in a header for higher capacities.

This model is available in two mounting options. The MA-I is designed for welding to the pipe line and the MA-IU is flange mounted. The MA-IU also offers mounting commonality with other U-series desuperheaters (MA-IIU, MNSD-V and SAMN-U).