General Service Control Valves

Suitable for controlling water, steam, gas and most other fluids, general service valves deliver a new standard of versatility, rugged dependability and cost-effectiveness. General service valves are ideally suited for non-severe flow control of most liquids, steam and gases. They provide reliable, economical performance in heater drains, gas and fuel oil control, feedwater control, steam/gas pressure reduction and many other processes flow control operations.
Available in 0.75–8” (20–200mm) sizes as standard, ANSI pressure classes of 150–600, and most standard castable material choices, with either flanged, welded or threaded end connections.

Severe Duty Control Valves

The SD-Severe Duty line is the next generation of control valves designed specifically for severe duty applications. It is the preferred style of valve for applications such as pump recirculation,
feedwater control and feedwater start-up, flashing or cavitating service, critical pressure drop gas and steam service, and any potentially noisy or vibration-prone service.
The valve is available in sizes .75–20” (20–500mm) and ASME pressure classes 150 through 4500 standards. Larger sizes are available as required. Depending upon size and pressure class,
ends are available as threaded, flanged or welded.

Raven™ Trim

The Raven™ trim incorporates a unique advanced design that limits flowing velocities to low levels resulting in valves providing service that is quiet, non-cavitating and non-erosive. Raven’s
low velocities are achieved through the use of a trim cage made by bonding together a series of individual discs. Each disc has a pattern of carefully controlled orifices and channels with a multitude of sharp turns etched into its surface. As the trim’s plug travels within the cage the fluid is throttled and forced to travel an extremely tortuous path which affects a stage of pressure drop.
The combined effect of numerous narrow flow channels, each with many sharp turns and a continually expanding flow path, removes kinetic energy from the fluid while gradually lowering its pressure. In doing so, abrupt velocity increases that are the source of noise are avoided. The additional benefit for liquid flow is the elimination of cavitation and the damage it can do to a valve, its trim and the downstream piping.

Multiple Trim Types

SPX offers a wide variety of general service and severe duty trim designs allowing us to customize our valve designs to meet our customers’ requirements and conditions while optimizing
• 13 Types
• Noise Control, Cavitation Elimination, Velocity & Erosion Control

Steam Conditioning Equipment (Desuperheaters)

Desuperheaters can easily meet the most demanding needs in both power and process industries.
They offer extremely fine control and exceptional turndown that is limited only by the rangeability of the coolant control valve. They are adaptable where custom fitting to new or existing piping is a
problem. Provides alternatives where limited space or changes in header diameter are factors.
• 7 Styles
• 150-2500 ANSI Ratings