CRANE ChemPharma & Energy is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products with over US$2 bn annual turnover. 

 Crane Chem Pharma  Solutions design, manufacture and sell highly engineered fluid handling products including: sleeved plug valves, lined valves, high performance butterfly valves, aseptic and industrial diaphragm valves, actuation, lined pipe, fittings and hoses, and air operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps.

CRANE Chem Pharma reversal protection products for critical and severe service media in steam, utility, and process pipelines. Our products include gate, ball, plug, butterfly, globe, and the most complete offering of check valve portfolio in the market today. Our brands include; Center Line, Duo Check, Noz Check, Flowseal and Pacific Valves

MISL Working relation with CRANE chemPharma

MISL is the Sales Representative of CRANE ChemPharma & Energy in Pakistan for more than two decays. Until now we have been supplied a large number of  High Corrosive PTFE Ball valves, Plug valves,  Butterfly valves, Check valves & PTFE Fittings to Chemical/Fertilizer, and Saunder Diaphram Valves to Power Houses. Since we are a large number of install based in these industries.

Crane Brands