MISL started working with Crane through its XOMOX brand in Pakistan many years ago as a first project. We have XOMOX valves in the most major fertilizer plants in Pakistan in their urea section and also have a very large presence of XOMOX valves in Sitara Chemicals.

Saunders, a very successful manufacturer of diaphragm valves used in corrosive industries is the world’s largest producer of such valves and the only valve manufacturer producing their own diaphragms in-house, hence their diaphragms outlast those of all competitors. They produce various kinds of diaphragms which include ordinary EPDM and then the more exotic types like PTFE and glass-lined. During a long absence from this market, they became a little less known from here but are now regaining the due market share which it has in the entire world both in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Crane Co. provides process fluid control products to industries worldwide. The products manufactured are sold under widely specified brand names that are among the most recognized in the Industry.

The products are used in a variety of applications ranging from simple to severe in industries such as Power Generation, Hydrocarbon Processing, Chemical Processing, Cryogenic Services, Marine, Biopharmaceutical, Mechanical Construction, Biofuels, and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

We now represent the following brands of Crane Valve Group: