CO2 and H2S removal with field-proven 99% operational uptime
CYNARA acid gas removal membrane systems efficiently and selectively permeate acid gases to separate them from produced gas streams that contain 5- to 95-mol% acid gas.

These systems are ideal for stand-alone bulk acid gas removal and the treatment of produced gas to meet pipeline transmission and natural gas heating specifications. They can provide permeate streams of more than 95% pure CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) injection applications. Used in a hybrid acid gas treatment train, they provide bulk separation of produced gas streams that are subsequently treated by an amine system or other separation technologies.

Compact design eliminates liquid chemicals and improves logistics
The compact footprint of the membrane systems and their largely self-contained functionality make them well suited for offshore applications. There are no moving parts or chemical requirements because the systems work on the principle of diffusion and solubility-based separation.

In addition to eliminating the weight of liquid chemicals and the need for liquid recirculation equipment and associated maintenance, CYNARA systems eliminate the logistics associated with the transportation and storage of liquid amine chemicals onshore and offshore. The need to superheat gas streams containing >40% CO2 and related costs are also minimized because the membranes can efficiently handle condensing hydrocarbons.