“A Type” Weir Design for Corrosive Media and Utilities

• Versatile and extensively used in industrial applications
• Can handle up to 15% solids (depending on process conditions)
• Perfect valve for on/off or control applications on corrosive processes

 KB and K Type Straight Through Designs for Solids Handling

• Smooth, straight-through design
• High flow capacity
• Can handle highly abrasive fluids with up to 100% solids content

  WFB for Marine and Fire Applications

• Weir type valve for fire fighting, tank cleaning or wash down on land or sea
• Guaranteed operation even after years of being static
• Fire tested diaphragm

NX Check Valve

• Low pressure and vacuum duties
• Unidirectional full flow design
• Corrosion-resistant linings

 Actuation – Modular or Compact Actuators

• Different actuator types that cover DN008 (¼”) to DN250 (10”)
• Wide range of line and operating pressure options
• Conceived to withstand the most adverse conditions

 In-house Manufacture of All Diaphragms

• Vulcanized layers with high strength woven reinforcement in elastomer-based diaphragms
• Range of PTFE-type diaphragms for critical applications
• Innovative compounding based on extensive polymer knowledge