Dollinger Filters

Dollinger can claim a century-long history. Through their superior engineering capabilities. Their diverse range of standard and custom-built solutions allows all manner of application criteria, using any type of media (air, gas or liquid), to be satisfied. Among these solutions are air intake filters, compressed air/gas particulate and coalescing filters, oil mist elimination and liquid process filtration, which span a broad range of different flow-rate and pressure parameters. Another important area for us is exhaust filters that enable the recovery of oil mist emissions, saving money on replenishing the lost lubricant.

Air Intake Filters

The Dollinger NG-187 single stage air intake filter is designed to efficiently and economically remove dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants from the atmosphere in a single stage panel filter element protecting, high efficiency turbo blowers & axial compressors, while reducing noise to within OSHA established limits.

Dollinger manufactures 18 standard models, available with ranges from 3,000 to 72,000 SCFM and bottom outlets ranging in size from 6″ to 36″ in diameter. The optional silencing feature provides sound attenuation up to 16 dB(A).


  • Element is panel type, 24″ x 24″ x 4″ nominal.
  • Each panel is nominal rated capacity of 3000 SCFM of air.
  • Each panel incorporates extended surface medium.
  • Efficiency to be 99% of 10 microns.
Air intake filter

Oil Mist Eliminators

The Dollinger Oil Mist Eliminator (OME) is a filtration system of superior efficiency it collects 99.97% of oil droplets 0.3 micron and larger, thus removing virtually 100% of oil mist emissions. This performance places Dollinger at the very forefront of oil mist elimination technology.

Large high speed rotation equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors, requires a large volume of oil for lubrication, cooling, and sealing of the bearings. The lubricating oil can be either mineral based or synthetic.

Typical Lube Oil System The primary parts of a lube oil system are as follows:

  • Lube Oil Reservoir
  • Lube Oil Filters
  • Lube Oil Pumps
  • Lines from the Reservoir to the Bearings
  • Lines returning from the Bearing to the Reservoir

Liquid Filters LL 142

The Dollinger series LL-142 liquid filters are designed to remove final traces of dirt, pipe scale and other solid contaminants from process liquids.

Unlike conventional multiple-cartridge filters, the Dollinger Element Design Concept maximizes the effective filtration area for a given vessel size resulting in lower differential pressure and extended service life. In addition to the standard range of filters, Dollinger is able to offer customized filter designs and capacities to suit the particular process / application demands of the customer.

Materials of Construction
The standard materials of construction of the Dollinger LL-142 filter are carbon steel or stainless steel. Where appropriate, a cost-effective option incorporates a carbon steel housing with stainless steel downstream of the filter element.

High Capacity Filters

High solid loading within refinery & treatment process applications is becoming an increasing challenge for plant operations & maintenance teams. Conventional filtration systems, while correctly rated in terms of particulate efficiency, can rapidly become overloaded due to the sheer volume of contaminants in liquid process applications. This leads directly to rapid differential pressure increases across filter systems, which results in more frequent filter cartridge change-out intervals.


  • High volume contaminant removal to β5000 efficiency
  • Excellent particulate retention across a range of sizes
  • Minimal impact on process parameters
  • Quick and easy filter cartridge removal/replacement
  • Extended service life

Coalescing Filters GP 198

The Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filter is engineered to remove entrained oil, water mist, other liquids and solid particles efficiently from compressed air and other gas streams. When the Dollinger coalescing filter is used within its rated design conditions, an efficiency off 99.9% on 0.3 micron aerosols is achieved.


  • Water / oil mist removed from compressed air lines
  • Oil recovery downstream of rotating machinery
  • Pre-filter / separator to absorptive air / gas dehydration systems
  • Removal of final traces of free liquids from natural gas for the protection of instrumentation, valves, piping, etc.


GP-146 Particulate Filter

The Dollinger series GP-146 high efficiency filters are designed to remove final traces of dirt, pipe scale and other solid contaminants from process air and other gases.


  • Filter housing is designed and constructed in accordance with the ASME VIII, Division I Pressure Vessel construction code. (Compliance with the following codes is also available: Korean, SELO, PED, TV, and GOST).
  • Constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. Special requirements for low temperature applications can also be accommodated.
  • Efficient radial fin filter element design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. Ensured integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid. Special designs are available for applications which demand higher differential capabilities.


Multi Technology Skid Packages

  • Completely custom skid packages built to your specifications and process parameters
  • Demineralized water
  • Diesel fuel forwarding skids
  • Fuel gas skids
  • Service and closed cooling water module
  • Using all SPX preferred products built into one complete package
  • Raw water forwarding module

high capacity filter

The inside-to-out flow pattern combined with a positive O-Ring seal arrangement guarantees high-efficiency contaminant removal and holding capacity, prolonging service life. The filter cartridge is designed for efficient element removal and replacement and ensures that no trapped particulate accidentally falls into the clean side of the filter housing.