ROOTS® Micro Corrector is the latest technology in electronic Pressure and Temperature correction. As an added benefit, the Micro Corrector, PTZ + log, can be mounted integrally to most ROOTS® Meters.

  • ROOTS® Meter with Integral Micro Corrector Model IMC/C2
  • ROOTS® Micro Corrector Model IMC/W2
  • Micro Generator
  • Dresser Micro GSM/GPRS Modem
  • Application

ROOTS® Meter with Integral Micro Corrector Model IMC/C2

  • The IMC/C2 is also an integral gas volume corrector which utilizes a mechanical counter, and because of this mechanical counter, the IMC/C2 is meter size specific.
  • The IMC/C2, Model PTZ is available only on the 8C through 16M Series B meters – pressure, temperature and volume are all sensed internally on these sizes. This helps to prevent the possibility of tampering with these sensors.
  • The IMC/C2, Model T+Log is available for use on the 8C through 56M Series B ROOTS® Meters – on the large capacity meters (23M, 38M and 56M), the temperature probe is externally mounted.


The IMC/W2 is a fully electronic, integral, gas volume corrector. Meter size and version are configurable using the User Terminal software. This feature presents a major cost saving to the customer in terms of inventory reduction. Additional cost savings can be realized on most line mount meter sizes, as temperature and pressure can both be sensed internally, eliminating the need for thermowells and piping kits. A new feature that can be supplied up request with the IMC/W2 is the Power Generator*.
A ROOTS® Meter running at approximately 25% of the meter’s rated capacity can generate enough power to run the IMC/W2 and essentially turn the main alkaline battery pack into the backup battery. *Patent pending.


The Micro Generator uses cutting edge technology to convert the rotation of the meter impellers into electrical energy, while simultaneously providing volume pulses to the Micro Corrector.

  • Reduces Battery Replacement Costs
  • Increases Life of Main Battery
  • Easy to Install
  • Converts Rotation of Meter Impellers into Electrical Power
  • Available for both Series B and Series A (LMMA) meters

Dresser Micro GSM/GPRS Modem

Model 105

The Dresser Micro GSM/GPRS Modem incorporates the DuaDresser Micro GSM/GPRSModeml Band Wavecom model integra GSM/GPRS Modems.

Opto-isolators provide an intrinsically safe unit specifically designed to work with the Dresser range of Micro-Series products including data loggers & volume converters.

  • Up to 9.6 kbps communication speed (CSD)
  • GPRS Communication Class 10 with an embedded TCP/IP internet application protocols or SMS.
  • Internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.
  • Simple mechanical and electrical installation.
  • 900/1800 MHz Dual Band (Wavecom)
  • External antenna for optimum signal location.