DRESSER ROOTS METERSMISL is one of the oldest GE Energy-Dresser dealers in the world. Since the 1950s, natural gas has entered Pakistan to begin processing natural gas products and meters. MISL supplies gas meters to gas companies and individual plants and companies that require gas meters, regulatory agencies, flow computers, and more.Roots® is part of the Dresser Gas solution and offers rotary positive displacement gas meters, including:8C / 11C / 15C – (flow from 800acfh to 1500acfh)
B3 series high pressure filter (1000acfh to 3000acfh)
B3 series high pressure gauge (1000acfh to 3000acfh)
Z series pressure gauge (flow rate 500acfh to 800acfh)
A series compact instrument (flow 800acfh)
A1 series pedal type instrument (flow 530mscfh to 965.3mscfh)
Vapor recovery meter (flow rate 800acfh to 3000acfh)
Technical comparison: Empire and metric technical data8C/11C/15C
(Flow from 800acfh to 1500acfh)
ROOTS® instruments are suitable for handling most types of cleaning, common gases at constant or different flow rates, temperatures and pressures. For further versatility, the five smallest dimensions (8C to 3M) have a 2″ (50 mm) flange connection and a 6-3 / 4″ (171 mm) flange to flange size. This unique, cost-effective feature allows quick and easy instrument replacement without the need to reinstall the instrument if the application needs change.


  • SSGC

Series B3 High-Pressure Cartridge Meters
(Flow from 1000acfh to 3000acfh)
The instrument panel has a common cast steel housing for 1M (1000 ACFH) and 3M (3000 ACFH) size aluminium boxes. The instrument is available with ANSI Class 300# flange (740 PSIG) or ANSI Class 600 # flange (1480 PSIG).

Series B3 High-Pressure Meters
(Flow from 1000acfh to 3000acfh)

Series Z Compact Meters

(Flow 500acfh to 800acfh)

Suitable for small commercial loads up to 15 PSIG (1 Bar), the beautiful 5C15 (500 ACFH) and 8C15 (800 ACFH) meters are easy to install and hide. The Z-Series instruments start with a “pilot load” and provide excellent measurement accuracy over the entire range of the instrument.

Series A Compact Meter
(Flow 800acfh)

The 8C175 compact instrument, such as the Z-Series, is also ideal for small commercial applications, but with a higher pressure rating. The meter is rated for 175 PSIG (12 Bar) operating pressure.

Series A1 Foot Mount Meter
(Flow 530mscfh to 965.3mscfh)

The 102M125 foot bench is used to measure high volume industrial gas loads up to 965.3 MSCFH and 125 PSIG (27,941 Nm3/h at 8,6 Bar).

Vapour Recovery Meter

(800acfh to 3000acfh)

With a maximum capacity rating of 3000 cubic feet per hour, the B3-VRM meter is specifically designed and tested for vapour recovery applications in compliance with California Air Resources Board specifications TP-201.1, TP-201.1A, TP-201.2 and TP-201.5 (eg Be applicable).

The extremely low-pressure drop associated with the ROOTS positive displacement meter makes the instrument ideal for accurate measurements in low-pressure recovery systems. The odometer on the steam recovery meter is labelled 0.02 cubic feet increments, which allows accurate estimates to be taken in increments of 0.01 cubic feet. All B3-VRM instruments provide a 7-point authentication accuracy curve for reference.


  • Utility
  • Gas treatment
  • Town border station
  • Refinery
  • Process industry
  • chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Iron industry
  • Power Industry
  • Sugar industry