Field of application For heating, cooling, condensing and evaporating. Typically used for high temperature and high-pressure duties, e.g. in power, chemical, petrochemical and sugar industries

Description A fully-welded, gasket-free heat exchanger combining highly efficient plates and strong vessel construction. The asymmetric and flexible design allows extremely low-pressure drop if required. Can be fully customised to meet individual needs

Material Plates: AISI 316L or most alloys
Vessel: AISI 316L or carbon steel

Temperature -200 – 900°C (-328 – 1,652 °F)

Pressure -1 – 60 bar gauge (-14 – 870 Psi)

Transmission area/duty Up to 8,000 m² per unit (86,111 ft²)

Maintenance access Full accessibility for cleaning and inspection without removal of piping. Further cleaning by the circulation of cleaning fluids (CIP)


  • High efficiency
  • High capacity
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy cleaning and inspection
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Space-saving