Fully welded plate heat exchanger

Field of application For heating, cooling, condensing and evaporating. Typically used for high temperature and high pressure duties, e.g. in power, chemical, petrochemical and sugar industries

Description A fully-welded, gasket-free heat exchanger combining highly efficient plates and a strong vessel construction. The asymmetric and flexible design allows extremely low pressure drop if required. Can be fully customised to meet individual needs


Material Plates: AISI 316L or most alloys
Vessel: AISI 316L or carbon steel

Temperature -200 – 900°C (-328 – 1,652 °F)

Pressure -1 – 60 bar gauge (-14 – 870 Psi)

Transmission area/duty Up to 8,000 m² per unit (86,111 ft²)

Maintenance access Full accessibility for cleaning and inspection without removal of piping. Further cleaning by circulation of cleaning fluids (CIP)


  • High efficiency
  • High capacity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy cleaning and inspection
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Space saving