Fusion Provida Plastic Ltd

Fusion Provida Plastic Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of jointing equipment, fittings and fabrications for polyethylene pipe systems used in the transportation of water, sewerage, gas & chemicals. 

The product we are offering: Butt Fusion Machine, Electro Fusion Machine, Control Box, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Squeezing Machine, Pipe Scrapper, Clamps, Re-rounding Clamps, Saddle, Pipe Squeezing Machine & Pipe fittings.


Butt Fusion Machine Automatic

Based on the Gator 315 the Pipeliner machine has a gas sprung pivoting heater and trimmer to remove all lifting from the process

Special Features

  • No back breaking lifting
  • Heater ejects automatically
  • Chassis can split into tow manageable sized modules
  • One in-situ can be operated by one person
  • Increases productivity
  • Faster joint cycle
  • Upgrade available for existing Gator 315


Providing all your needs in electrofusion pipe jointing for now and the futures include:

  • Robust construction with high quality tough die cast aluminium enclosure and integrated heat sink
  • High quality high definition LCD
  • High performance fro larger diameter fittings
  • Multi-lingual display and key pad entry at the touch af a button
  • Data download direct to flash card, USB memory stick as standard
  • PC analysis of joint data
  • Improved user interface
  • Meets with UK Gas Industry Standard GIS/ECE1:2006 & international Standard ISO12176-2
  • Joint data backed up to removable SD card


Fully portable and hand operated. Will operate up to the end of the pip-useful for end trimming prior to butt fusion and electrofusion. Operates on all pipe sizes with wall thickness up to 25mm. Wide track roller frame. Hardened steel cutter wheel. With change of cutting head can be used as an external debeader for butt fusion applications



Fusion supplies a comprehensive rang of tooling to help you achieve perfect electrofusion joints across all pipe diameters.

Tooling includes: scrapers, clamps, pipe cutter, squeeze-off & re-counding tools



The range of generators is specifically manufactured for powering both electofusion control boxes and automatic butt fusion machines. All products in this range produce high quality, smooth, regular power outputs which can be used to supply even the most sensitive of equipment. Features Most units comply with British Gas Specification ECE3. 110 volt or 220 volt output. Available with Petrol, Diesel or Propance engines. Lightweight and robust. All units comply with current EEC Noise Regulations. Optional Extral of wheeled units. Specify outlet sockets when ordering.


Non Pressure Drill

The drill is for use in non-pressure applications, allowing the operator a cost effective and convenient service branch outlet to 63, 90, 110 and 125mm full bore for use on SDR 26, 17 & 11 pipe. FEATURES. Adjustable webbing straps. Positive ratchet action Positive alignment. Suitable for use on SDR 26, 17 & 11 pipes utp 355mm diamete. Robust construction. Easy maintenance. Carry case. Drill retains swarf and coupon.