Upstream Intelligence

The industry’s leading real-time commentary on worldwide E&P activity
The IHS Markit Upstream Intelligence portfolio sits at the intersection of commercial and subsurface activity. This portfolio provides you with business intelligence on the E&P sector, including an analysis of E&P activity. The portfolio comprises three products: Global Exploration & Production Service (GEPS), International Energy Letter (IEL) and the Daily Exploration Alert (DEA). Use the complete and integrated package of information and tools to gain an in-depth understanding of current, historical and planned activity in the worldwide E&P sector, and:

  • Reduce research time with single-source information
  • Monitor portfolio impact of new developments
  • Track field life from exploration to decommissioning
  • Empower licensing round negotiations
  • Discover and exploit new opportunities
  • Keep track of competitors’ activity

Upstream Intelligence Portfolio


Daily Exploration Alert (DEA)

The Daily Exploration Alert has been providing the E&P industry’s most up-to-date breaking news service electronically since 1984. A favorite with oil & gas professionals who prefer to scan a round-up of the latest industry news, the Daily Exploration Alert provides an easy-to-use online service, plus email alerts and a dedicated mobile app.

Delivery: Viewable online, daily delivery to your inbox, or via the mobile app

Topics include:

–   Daily crude benchmarks
–   Weekly oil price analysis
–   Acreage offers
–   Petroleum rights|
–   Exploration drilling
–   Field development
–   Production and reserves

Global Exploration & Production Service (GEPS)

The Global Exploration & Production Service is used throughout the world by professionals interested in detailed E&P activity. This unique service is built on an unrivaled foundation of knowledge, experience and understanding of the industry, and is written by E&P professionals located strategically around the world. GEPS is supported by IHS Markit technical teams and the world’s most extensive E&P database.

Delivery: Online, in real time

Topics include:

–  General E&P issues
–  Petroleum rights
–  Geophysical activities
–  Exploration drilling
–  Field development
–  Production and reserves
–  Forward-looking summaries by country/territory

International Energy Letter (IEL)

The International Energy Letter delivers a weekly overview and analysis of worldwide energy-related activity to E&P and finance professionals. Our dedicated team places events in the context of broader market and political trends.

Delivery: Viewable online or delivered weekly to your inbox

Topics include:

–   Weekly updates and interpretation of the major events and trends in the energy world
–   Monthly global and regional summaries offering highlights and analysis of the most important trends
–   Rotating monthly supplements, including area overviews with investment opportunities, midstream news and trends, technology and environment, company profiles
–   Monthly major E&P company or agency staff movements
–   Quarterly international open-acreage inventory, merger and acquisition reviews, project briefings
–   Annual discoveries and highlights report

Daily Exploration Alert

breaking news summaries per year

–   Daily E-Mail Alert
–   Oil Price Graphs & Analysis
–   Upstream Alert Mobile App

Global Exploration & Production Service

–  8,000+ articles per year
–  550+ regularly updated maps
–  Access to GEPS Experts
–  Customisable Dashboard
–  Licence Round Monitor
–  Farm In-Farm Out Module
–  PDF & Hardcopy GEPS Maps
–  E-Mail Alert/RSS Services

International Energy Letter

–  1,700+ articles, plus
–  51 in-dept analysis per year
–  Weekly Report
–  Monthly Global & Regional Trends Reports
–  Rotating Monthly Supplements
–  Quarterly Bid Round & Open Acreage Review
–  Annual Discoveries & Highlights