Gold Fire


“IHS Goldfire is a tool that helps optimize the innovation process. It does this by enabling you to identify the real problem, to analyze and understand the identified problem in order to find solutions and to generate high quality ideas.” Innovation Project Manager,billion dollar environmental services company IHS Goldfire: Accelerating Confident Decisions for Energy & Power Companies.


  • Mitigate loss of graying workforce through capture and reuse of internal expertise
  • Reduce costs and improve operations for better ROI on capital assets, sites, and technologies
  • Reduce power demand, waste, hazardous materials and inefficiencies
  • Decrease disposal costs and operational expenses
  • Save on the cost of transmitting, transporting and distributing power
  • Improve the overall efficiency and reliability of energy systems
  • Improve customer/employee safety – reduce liability and risk
  • Meet strong regulatory and social pressures; reduce taxes and penalties
  • Drive competitive advantage

Following key sources of information to provide energy and power companies with relevant search results:

  • IHS Standards Expert
  • IHS GlobalSpec
  • IHS Janes
  • OnePetro
  • Springer
  • SpringerMaterials
  • American Society of Quality
  • Materials Information Society (ASM)
  • Department of Energy (OSTI)
  • International Society for Optics
  • and Photonics (SPIE)
  • Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
  • Institute of Physics (IOP)