MECO’s history is a story of continuous progress and innovation. Starting from outright sales of imported goods, the group has progressively engaged in the assembly and manufactured of Radios, Amplifiers, Televisions, Cassette Tape Recorders, Electric Water Heaters, Electric Water Coolers and Refrigerators.

The group came into existence with the operations of its first company in 1948, as trading house dealing in imported Radios. Later Public Address System, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and other Electrical Appliances were added to the company offerings. The company’s continuous expansion warranted a change in its corporate structure. On June 6, 1953, it was incorporated as a private limited company’s head office at M.R. Kiyani Road, Saddar, Karachi.

The company was mainly engaged in commercial activities up to June 1954, however, in view of the country’s increasing need for reducing reliance on imports, the company chalked out a comprehensive plan for assembling and progressively manufacturing various products. Permission was obtained from the government and towards the end of 1954, MECO What is licensed to assemble radio sets in the public address system.

The assembly of radio was initiated temporary in the head office building. In 1958, two sheds required in Sind Industrial Trading Estate (S.I.T.E) and work was shifted there. The Karachi factory came into existence in 1959 and marked MECO’s full fledged entry into the industrial world.

A year later, in 1960-61, a workshop wing was added which enabled the company to introduce a new product line – Electric Water Heaters. In 1965, another new block was added to the main complex. Today the Karachi factory covers over 7000 square meters.

The rising demand for local integration called for more space and another factory was set up in 1970 at the Dhabeji (Sind) covering 1500 square meters. This factory was involved in manufacturing Radios and TV components.

Assembly of Colour/Black & White Television Sets were introduced with technical collaboration of SHARP Corporation of Japan. The excellent quality of these sets along with the company’s efficient after-sales service earned them tremendous popularity. This provided MECO with an incentive to produce its own advanced transistorised circuits.

The company also manufactures Electric Water Coolers, independently designed by MECO with few foreign components. A large number of these coolers have been exported to various Middle Eastern countries, where they continue to provide trouble-free service even in the extreme heat of the summer.

In 1981, MECO started assembly-com-manufacture of double door refrigerators. This was also followed by the introduction of single door refrigerators. In 1989, the company also added table-top refrigerators to it’s expanding model range.

Eight branch offices were located in important cities all over the country, provided better after-sales service to its clients and helped streamline the company’s network.

Over 250 dealers were selling the company’s products, with more being appointed in remote areas of the country.

MECO is very well known in commercial and government circles. It’s management, at different times, has been on the advisory board of the Ministry of Science and Technology and in the Electronic Panel set up by the appropriate Technology Development Organisation.

MECO also represented and traded with several well known international firms, prominent among them being SHARP Corporation, Samsung Electronics and Lucky Gold Star.

The MECO Group currently consists of a number of companies. Of these, (MECO) is a manufacturing cum assembly unit and Marketing Services International Services (MISL), Virgin Trading and MISL France.

Marketing International Services was established on 22 February 1953 as a division of Mohamed Ebrahim & Co. (MECO). It started as the tender department of MECO, but in 1982 it expanded to assume an independent identity of its own.

Today MISL is one of the largest suppliers of Valves, Gas Meters, Pneumatic Tools to the Oil, Gas & Energy sectors of Pakistan. Dealing with Process, Power and other Industrial Units, it has successfully fulfilled the needs of a number of large buyers including Sui Southern Gas, SNGPL, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Pakistan Steel Mills, Engro, The Armed Forces, Civil Aviation, Pakistan Television Corporation and Sui Gas Transmission Company Ltd.

MISL offices are located in the three biggest cities in Pakistan. Our Engineers use the most modern management tools to cater to the needs of its clients. Operating as a standalone company enables the staff to concentrate on providing the best possible service to the clients. Due to the company’s efficiency and service MISL enjoys an enviable reputation in the market.

Virgin Trading came into existence in 2007, as a trading company based out of RAK Free Zone in UAE. It established itself in the industry gradually, soon became well known to all the international multinationals. Virgin Trading initially conducted business with Mir Valves of Malaysia, then there was no looking back. It started taking bigger and bigger positions in trading working for Schlumberger, Crane, SPX, PPG and many others.

MISL France was incorporated in 2018 to capture the opportunities available in the French Industry.