Centrifugal Pumps are the most common and well-established pumps on the market. Johnson Pump offers several series of centrifugal pumps, many of which comply with ISO, DIN & API standards.

Self-priming/Liquid Ring type

  • Combination shaft seal & Vacuum pump of liquid ring type
  • Shaft seal with integrated venturi/injector system
  • Frame-mounted IEC motors in horizontal or vertical configurations

Solids & gaseous content handling pump

  • Combipumps with vortex technology
  • The recessed and specially formed impeller can handle gaseous content as well as solids
  • Free hydraulic passage up to 100mm.
  • Option for oil-quench, integrated venturi unit for self-priming capabilities or handling of higher gas content.

Submerged pump with dry motor

  • Combiseries of Vertical, long-shafted sump pump closed, half-open and vortex impellers, depending on solids contents
  • The specially developed range for applications in paint spraying installations with water curtains and cleaning installations with solvents.

Mag Coupled Pump

  • Heavy-duty seal-less close-coupled pump according to ISO5199 and EN22858
  • Max. capacity: 280m3/h
  • Max.head: 140m
  • Max. pressure: 160 bar
  • Max. temp: 200degC
  • Max. speed: 3600 rpm
  • Materials: cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, duplex, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C