Kimray Actuators


The combination of the Tritex II Electric Actuator and a Kimray
high pressure control valve provides a precise and reliable
method of control. This solution eliminates emissions, provides
communications that tie directly into the SCADA system and
operates on low power consumption. The Tritex II redefines electric actuation.

  • Available for all Kimray high pressure control valves 1”- 4”
    For 6” and above, contact your Kimray representative for
    application assistance
  • The use of a servo motor to effortlessly move the actuator in
    any direction for 100% duty cycle

Rotary to Linear Adopter

The Kimray R2L Adapter translates rotary motion into linear motion. As an extra feature, this product is designed with a series of springs with a live loaded stem in order to compensate for seat wear. The Kimray R2L Adapter allows any ISO-5211 rotary actuator to be coupled with an industry standard Kimray High Pressure Control Valve.


  • Allows the use of any (common) quarter-turn electric actuator with the Kimray HPCV
  • Utilizes common Kimray actuator hardware and installs easily
    Designed to retrofit existing valves
  • Over-travel loading ensures tight closure throughout the life of the valve as the seat wears
  • Low backlash ensures tight control
  • Sealed roller bearings provide smooth operation
  • Weather-tight assembly

Linear Gas Over Oil

For discharge of liquid or gas from vessels, separators, treaters, knockouts and other similar liquid accumulators.
For back pressure or pressure reducing applications with pressure pilots.


  • Compact design
  • O-Ring sealed set
  • Valve travel indicator
  • Field-reversible topworks
  • Teflon-packed stuffing box