This is where we started. In 1948 we were a little start-up in Oklahoma City, occupying a small warehouse on what was then the outskirts of a town beginning its post-war boom. Garman Kimmell, the founder of Kimray, introduced a three-inch pilot-operated back pressure regulator, transforming the oil and gas industry. This innovation fundamentally changed how oil and gas producers controlled their production. And that was just the beginning.

Garman instilled more than just technical prowess into the fabric of the company. By basing every action not on profit, but our values, we’ve grown with Oklahoma City. Customers often say they know buying from us is more than just a transaction. After all, part of The Kimray Way is making customers our partners, anticipating their needs, and providing timely solutions that exceed expectations.

This industry knows ups and downs. We know booms and busts. Kimray helps get our partners through the lean years and helps you find even better success during the good years. We’re there with you, because it matters.

What we are offering:


-High Pressure  Control valve
-Liquid Dump Valves
-Low Pressure Control Valves
-Weight Operated Dump Valves

-Back Pressure Regulators
-Pressure Reducing
-Differential Pressure

-Float Operated Controllers
-Temperature Controllers

-Energy Exchange
-Accessories for Glycol Pumps

-Linear Electric
-Rotary Electric
-Linear Pneumatic