SPX FLOW brand, Lightnin serves the challenging waste and water treatment sector, as well as the processing of solvents, fertilizers, food/beverages, pharmaceuticals and biofuels.
The mixers and agitators, that are custom designed and fabricated, are used for equalization, neutralization, flocculation, aeration, sludge mixing, flash mixing and general blending purposes. The Lightnin industrial mixer portfolio covers both portable and larger fixed-mount units.

Line Blender

Line Blenders are typically used for premix or fast reaction applications and a variety of blending applications in chemical processing, food processing, petroleum refining, pulp & paper processing and waste water treatment

  • Mix continuously with a tank
  • Supplied complete with motor and impeller(s)
  • Excellent for continuous process applications
  • Provide almost instantaneous mixing
  • More space-efficient than conventional tank/mixer systems
  • Economical to operate and maintain SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer
SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer

MagMixer MBE Series Bottom Entry MagMixer

SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer

The MBE Series mixers are suitable for blending, dissolving solids and solid suspension making them suitable for use in Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Food & Beverage and Home Care & Personal Care applications.

Your mixing performance remains unchanged as you still have access to the key Lightnin impellers that serve your applications.

  • Wide power range 0.09kW to 7.5kW (0.12Hp to 7.5Hp) making the MBE suitable for a wide range of applications and tank volumes up to 50,000L (13,200 Usgal)
  • High bearing gap and lift design to allow product to pass through and lubricate the sleeve bearing. CIP and SIP are easily achieved.
  • High torque co-axial magnetic coupling with decoupling mechanism on large sizes
  • All in-tank materials meet USP Class VI standards
  • Fully SIP or CIP by flooding or spray ball SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer

Stainless Steel ECL - SanStar Portable Sanitary Mixer

This stainless steel version includes all the features and benefits of the original ECL but has been designed specifically for clean applications such as food and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Rigid coupling shaft attachment with male/female pilot to ensure shaft concentricity and minimize shaft run out
  • Optional speed sensor provides the capability to monitor output speed (NEMA1)
  • Available in 1725 (1:1), 350 (5:1), and 280 (6:1) output
  • Variable speed capability with optional VFD
  • Standard electric motors are 304 SS, wash down, inverter duty design. Options include Stainless Motors Inc. pharmaceutical design motors and options for 575 V selections.
  • Fractional through 3 HP (max)
  • Comes with A310 impeller as standard but options are available.
  • Finite Element Analysis was employed to design a heavy-duty, high strength clamp assembly.
  • Index allows repeatable position
SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer

Nettco S-Series - Small Portable Mixer

SPX Small portable mixer

The Nettco S-Series sanitary mixer is available in a wide range of mixing and configurations utilizing a unique modular assembly design. With one mixer it is possible to configure a clamp-on, open tank, or sealed mixer design. This mixer can be quickly converted from one mounting arrangement to another. Modifying the mounting configuration can be accomplished in less than two minutes.

Modular Design

  • Sanitary, all stainless steel design
  • 304 SS housing -Washdown (IP55), inverter ready motor
  • Proven planetary gearing – robust and reliable
  • Food grade lubricant
  • Unique, innovative modular design
  • Reverse-taper shaft attachment for added safety
  • Stainless Steel Motor, 0.37 – 2.2 Kw (1/2 – 3 HP)
  • Optional air motor available
  •  Fully standardized product

Classic Series Small Portable Mixer

Direct-Drive Mixers for High-Shear Applications

  • Motor and shaft are coupled directly with pilot and keyway for accurate alignment and positive connection
  • Positive chuck grips the mixer shaft to prevent unintentional shaft release
  • Welded rigid coupling provides added stability on longer shafts

Choice of Mount Styles

  • Clamp Mount
    • adjusts 90° vertically, 360° horizontally
    • indexed ball and socket permits precise duplication of settings
    • clip mount option available for high-shear small-batch applications
  • Fixed mount for open tanks
    • for large tanks and continuous processes requiring extra-long shafts
    • shock mounts protect drive against high fluid forces


SPX Flow Lightnin Mixer

VS/VSS - Belt Drive Side Entering Mixer

SPX Mixer belt drive side entering mixer
  • A312 Impellers with extra-strength hub and heavy-duty, precision-shaped blades provide superior process result through greater efficiency
  • Agitators feature a modular stuffing box designed for simple removal of all components and easy inspection and maintenance in pulp and paper applications
  • Modular design permits fast bearing replacement without agitator shaft removal
  • Bearing adaptor sleeve eliminates the possibility of wear on the shaft
  • Oversized bearings decrease maintenance frequency

VSA - Belt Drive Side Entering Mixer

  • Oversized pillowblock bearings provided a minimum B-10 life of 200,000 hours
  • Stainless steel stuffing box is easy to assess and remove for quick maintenance
  • A312 impeller provides 30% more flow than other “high-efficiency” paperstock impellers
  • Can maintain consistency variations to +/- 0.1% under the most adverse conditions
SPX Belt drive side entry mixer

70 Series - Medium Torque Top Entering Mixer

SPX Lightnin Mixers
  • Wide Range of Power: Lightnin Series 70 Mixers cover the range from 0.75 – 150kW (1 – 200HP). They are available in both double and triple reduction gearing, and offer speeds from 280 down to 9 rpm.
  • Motor Mounting Options: The 70 Series is available with a choice of motor mounting options to support your needs. For units up to 30kw (40HP) our default motor pedestal helps ensure simple motor alignment. A motor bracket is available for all sizes.
  • Full Spectrum of Impellers: Series 70 Mixers offer a full choice of impellers in order to optimize your process results.
  • Variable Speed Drives: The Lightnin Series 70 mixers can be driven with a variable frequency drive where speed variations are needed.


80 Series - Medium Torque Top Entering Mixer For Arduous duties

Series 80 mixers are especially recommended for processes with high fluid forces on the impellers and long impeller shaft applications. Gearing is the same as used in our Series 70 and 500 mixers. Altogether, there are tens of thousands of these drives at work every day around the world. It’s our standard and the standard of the industry.

80 Series Mixers

  • Available with motor pedestals up to 30kw (40hp) to ensure motor alignment. Motor brackets are available for all sizes.
  • Exclusive hollow quill drive protects the gear train from severe shaft flexure.
  • Bearings are sized far beyond AGMA requirements for long service life
SPX Lightnin mixer