Features:NOVaDOs Metering Pumps
An extensive range of metering pumps. The NOVADOS metering pumps
comprise diaphragm and plunger pumps, with drives to accommodate single or multi-stream applications using horizontal or vertical configurations. Flow Rate /Operating Pressure:
• Flow rate: up to 15 m3/h (66 US GPM)
• Pressure: up to 1,000 bar (14,50I)0 PS
• Diaphragm pump heads with hydraulically actuated double diaphragm
• Modular design
Double-acting Diaphragm Pump Head Technology
One Pump with two times the capacity: All the features of the well-proven Bran+Luebbe hydraulic diaphragm designs but with double flow capability on a single head. As a single pump, each unit has a much smaller footprint and with significantly less weight than an equivalent duplex pump. Operating Pressure:
• Pressure: up to 400 bar (5,800 PSI)
NOVaPlEX Process Pumps
NOVAPLEX pumps are powerful diaphragm process pumps used for a variety of applications. They are best suited for high-pressure installations and when the capability of classical metering pumps is exceeded. Flow Rate /Operating Pressure:
• Flow rate: up to 70 m3/h (305 US GPM)
• Pressure: up to 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI)
NOValiNK-CsM 2 – Pump Diagnostic system
Continuous (24/7) local monitoring of pump operation can provide the
the basis for long term wear assessment and gives valuable advance warning of imminent failures so that unplanned pump downtime can be minimized. A worldwide remote diagnosis service is available as an option.
Chemical injection systems
Requirements for chemical injection packages are very diverse – depending on the application, location, number of chemicals, multi-point injection, increases in production output and changes in production conditions. With unmatched experience and expertise, SPX is capable of designing, manufacturing, testing and certifying chemical injection systems to meet growing customer and industry needs globally.