Dresser  is a leading provider of Rotary Gas Meters, Meter Proving Machine,Chemical dozing pumps & Piping products i-e Leak clamp & Coupling. For more than a century, Dresser has been a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of highly engineered products for critical infrastructure in the global utility and industrial sectors. Dresser  Solutions core business has been serving gas utilities and going forward will focus on serving the broader Utility sector, particularly in the water and wastewater treatment customer segments. The aging gas and water utility asset base and heightened focus on ESG necessitate innovative solutions and products, which Dresser  is uniquely positioned to provide.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Dresser Utility Solutions has a comprehensive global presence, with approximately 550 employees and a sales presence in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Dresser Gas Meters in Pakistan

MISL Working relation with Dresser

MISL became agents for Dresser in early 1950s, servicing SSGC, SNGPL fertilizer plants, refineries, chemical plants, power houses and other process industries

What we Are offering

8C-56M Meters Dresser Measurement offers a competitive range of rotary meters for commercial and industrial metering applications, allowing for the selection of the correct meter size for cost effectiveness and accurate measurement.

Series D800/D1000 MeterDesigned to replace commercial diaphragm meters*, we incorporated field-proven rotary meter technology in a compact, full-feature housing for commercial applications. With their exceptional performance, the D800 and D1000 meters cover a range of meter sizes (600-1700cfh)

Dresser High Pressure (HP) and High Pressure Cartridge (HPC) Meters incorporate several design innovations in rotary meter measurement. 

The Dresser electronic temperature compensating indexes offer extremely accurate temperature compensation and are available with or without a backup mechanical non compensated index.

resser’s direct drive AMR Adapter offers you a low-cost solution for Series B3 CTR or TC meters in applications that require the adaptation of a Residential AMR. You will also benefit from ease of use with this design compared to the currently available solutions for Instrument drive and Solid State Pulser version meters that connect to AMR devices.

Wall Mounted Micro Corrector .This CE badged European version Micro Converter is compatible with all Dresser meters as well as meters from other manufacturers with a low frequency pulse output, such as a Reed switch or Wiegand pulser.

With a wide selection of electrically powered pumps, Texsteam Chemical Injection Pumps can provide precise dosage rates in applications over a broad range of pressures. Texsteam pumps can be provided with motors suitable for hazardous locations, in a variety of voltages, and with elastomers to address the severest chemicals.

The Texsteam family of gas and air-driven pumps are capable of service under the most demanding conditions and can be provided with a selection of accessories such as trims for sour gas applications, stainless tanks, and deliver high discharge pressures and wide volume ranges.

Texsteam Solar Chemical Injection Pumps include options with leading technology, ideal for remote locations and do not require an on-site power source. Our pumps include a wide variety of volume and pressure capabilities, microprocessor based programmable controller, system protections and certified standards that will allow them to work almost anywhere.

Dresser Pipeline Solutions offers a complete line of seal and restraining couplings and fittings validated to meet industry regulations and requirements for pipe pullout resistance.

Dresser Pipeline Solutions offers a complete line of seal-only boltless products for steel natural gas piping systems from ¾ thru 2” OD. With minimal training, you can make quick, safe and reliable joints on steel to steel pipe connections – all by simply using a common pipe wrench! Style 90