Nutron ball Valve

NUTRON T3 floating ball valves are ideal for offshore production, onshore production, unconventional, transmission and storage, topside processing, petrochemical and chemical, gas processing, LNG, and industrial applications.

NUTRON T3 floating ball valves

NOVADOS Express H1 hydraulically actuated double diaphragm and plunger metering pumps cover flow rates of 2 L/H to approx. 300 L/H, with pressures up to 100 bar. They are suitable for most liquid dosing applications: from harmless to highly toxic and non-corrosive to extremely corrosive. They can also handle consistencies ranging from pure liquids free from particles to slurries with a solids content of up to 5wt%.

Materials of construction of liquid-wetted parts

  • Housings of stainless steel 316 low carbon type
  • Diaphragms of PTFE
  • Plungers of stainless steel or ceramic

Pump gear design

  • Worm gear with different reduction ratios
  • Splash lubrication
  • Stroke length adjustment via eccentric (Z-shape) crankshft

NUTRON TM Trunion Mounted ball valves

Our NUTRON Model TM metal-seated trunnion-mounted ball valve is ideal for heavy oil, high-temperature steam, and abrasive slurry applications.

Standard features

  • Double block-and-bleed capability
  • Redundant seals
  • Metal-seated, trunnion-mounted design


  • Extended bonnet available for high-temperature service

Sizes and trims

  • Full port
    • 2 to 12 in [50 to 300 mm]
    • ASME Class 150 to 2500 (PN 20 to 420)
  • Reduced port
    • 3 to 16 in [80 to 400 mm]
    • ASME Class 150 to 2500 (PN 20 to 420)