pEPS Oil & gas Risk

Petroleum Economics and Policy Solutions (PEPS)

Screen upstream opportunities and above-ground risk with one tool

Established in 1993, PEPS is a service that allows you to quickly benchmark energy risk and compare E&P ratings across 118 countries with the latest legal, contractual, fiscal, political and upstream data. Subscribe to PEPS, by module or by geography so you can:

  • Short list countries and examine entry strategies
  • Spur business development and optimize assets
  • Keep pace with foreign prospects
  • Understand and manage above-ground risk
  • Reduce research and improve workflows
  • Support host government negotiations

PEPS in Practice

In order to negotiate with a prospective partner, a multinational energy, fuels, and power company needed to understand the level of prior offshore experience being required by host governments. The company used PEPS to compile a report that indicated clearly which countries required prior offshore drilling experience and which ones didn’t—as well as the specific requirements in each case.

The business development manager of a large petroleum company asked to meet with one of our analysts to get further advice on a country in which his company has a particular investment interest. During the meeting the manager noted that the company relies heavily on PEPS to gather all the initial information it needs to make the investment decision, without having to engage third parties for this service.

An E&P company was preparing an investment presentation in which it wanted to show how Brazilian terms compared to those of other countries. The company used PEPS to gather all the necessary information.

A client in a large E&P firm explained that the company uses PEPS during the initial stage (screening/preparation/pre-negotiation) of the investment process because its new ventures and legal teams prefer to conduct assessments without alerting the potential investment recipient and any related company.


PEPS ranks 131 countries and monitor activities in 178 (countries in light grey are not covered).