Field of application For duties at high temperatures or pressures, frequently applied as an evaporator, condenser or heat exchanger for media where gaskets should be avoided. Strong construction excellent for steam duties
Description A fully-welded, gasket-free heat exchanger combining highly efficient plates and a strong cylindric vessel construction

Material Plates: AISI 316L, or most alloys
Vessel: AISI 316L or carbon steel
Temperature -30 – 300°C (-22 – 572°F)
Pressure 0 – 40 bar gauge (0 – 580 Psi)
Transmission area/duty Up to 14 m² (150 ft²)
Maintenance access Openable version can be high-pressure cleaned on one side. Further cleaning by the circulation of cleaning fluids (CIP)Advantages

  • Very resistant to pressure shocks
  • Compact design
  • High efficiency
  • Cost-effective