Plenty Filteration

Plenty’s product range consists of high quality pumps, filters, separators and strainers that cover a diverse range of different application scenarios. Our products are all well suited for use in the highly demanding power, chemical, oil/gas, marine, food/beverage, pulp/paper processing and water treatment sectors.

Tanker Strainers - Simplex Type

The Tanker range of basket filters and strainers are for use where flow can be interrupted to allow removal of element for cleaning. They have a very low profile and are well suited to situations where there is limited space to install filters.

Tanker filters are of simple and robust cast iron construction with in line connections and are designed to be used on liquids.


  • Twin baskets giving high dirt holding capacity for longer running between cleaning.
  • Quick release covers eliminate the need of tools for maintenance.
  • No spillage on cover removal.
  • Smooth passages for low resistance and low pressure drops.
  • Feet on the body for easy mounting.
  • Cover and bridge linked for easy and quick access.
  • Air vent cock fitted.

Simplex Filter T-Type

The Simplex T Type extends the range of S type filters to higher pressures, suitable for both liquid and gas applications and available with bolted or quick release type covers.

  • Quick release covers eliminate the need for tools for maintenance.
  • Designed for pressure ratings up to ANSI class 300lb (900 PSIG).
  • Flow is from inside to outside the basket to trap and retain debris.
  • High basket area to pipeline CSA ratio of over 10:1 in most cases.
  • Can be fitted with coarse perforated baskets (2mm as standard) or fine stainless steel mesh inserts to give particle removal down to 50 microns.
  • Disposable depth type cartridges are available for filtration to 5~10 micron for liquid and 1~2 micron on gases.

Simplex S Type Basket Strainer 1"-12"

A general purpose cast single basket filter, suitable for use on liquid and gas, fitted with a quick-release cover for ease of maintenance. Used where the flow can be isolated so the basket can be removed for cleaning.


  • Available in Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Stainless Steel and Special Alloys
  • Used for liquids and gases
  • Designed for pressure ratings up to ASME class 300 (51 Barg)
  • Fitted with cleanable baskets and removable inserts or disposable gas cartridges

Small Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 1"-8"

Plenty offers a large range of cast Duplex (Dual) basket filters for use on liquid applications. With all designs offering integral changeover of the filtration chambers, the Plenty Duplex offers a safe and reliable way of providing continuous operation during basket cleaning. The integral changeover arrangement also gives a small footprint and minimal face-to-face dimensions.


  • Available in Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Cast Stainless Steel (Also available in special alloys)
  • Designed for ratings up to ASME class 300 (51 barg)
  • Single lever action on changeover eliminating the possibility of isolating the flow
  • Fitted with quick release covers for ease of basket cleaning

Coalescing Filters GP 198

  • Used for liquids only
  • Ideal for high viscosity liquids
  • Used where an automatic cleaning strainer is required
  • Ensures process continuity without manual labor
  • Provides a high level of cleaning efficiency with very low product loss
  • Straining element is manufactured from stainless steel
  • Fine stainless steel mesh lined baskets give particle removal down to 25 micron

Simplex Fabricated Type Basket Strainer 6" - 20"

Plenty offers a range of fabricated single basket filters incorporating a bolted or quick release cover design, the standard range covers sizes from 6″ (150mm) up to 20″ (500mm) class 150#, with larger sizes up to 24″ (600mm) and higher pressure rating up to class 900# also available.


  • Custom designed for specific applications
  • Designed for pressure ratings up to ASME class 900
  • Special materials of construction for corrosion resistance
  • A range of internal finishes available: rubber lined, sea water proofed, FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) etc.



Seaguard Strainer

The Seaguard range is a specially designed range of lightweight compact seawater strainers and tanker fuel handling strainers for the shipbuilding industry.

In addition, many of the standard cast basket filters are available in special materials with stock testing certificates for use on submarines and surface vessels.


Sizes: 2″ – 24″ Bore, flanged BS 4504 or ANSI 125, can be drilled to BS tables and DIN standards.

Materials: Gunmetal or aluminium bronze as standard with option of cast iron and DIN standards.

Options: Available shock tested for installation aboard naval vessels.
The full range of Plenty’s cast strainers is available for marine service including units manufactured in aluminium bronze, gunmetal or other corrosion resistant materials as well as options for shock loading pads.

Large Duplex (Dual) H-Type Basket Strainer 8" - 36"

To complement the D Type large duplex range, the H Type offers a higher flow capacity than the same sized D Type and with sizes up to 36” connections. The H Type gives a very large capacity filter with continuous operation during basket cleaning.


  • Designed for use with liquids only
  • Cast Steel and Cast Iron versions available
  • Design permits basket removal and cleaning without interruption of flow
  • Internal lining options available

Large Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 10" - 20"

For duties with large flow capacities, Plenty offers the Large D Type Duplex which offers continuous filtration during the cleaning process.The internal changeover mechanism gives a reliable changeover operation with a very small footprint.


  • Available in Cast Iron and Cast Steel
  • Used for liquids only.
  • Integral changeover vale for continuous operation.
  • Design permits basket removal and cleaning without interruption of flow.

Large Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 10" - 20"

Extremely compact design particularly suited to offshore applications. Designed to give operation and standby facility within a single vessel. Interlocking changeover mechanism prevents complete flow shut-off. Very compact valve mechanism resulting in weight and space saving. Low pressure loss achieved by straight-through flow path with minimal changes in flow direction. A high surface area pleated screen with maximum effective filtration area is positioned directly in the flow path. Weight saving makes this particularly cost effective in higher


Large Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 10" - 20"

The Bathtub T-Type is a range of simple strainers intended for service similar to temporary conical strainers but with their own element housing.

Specifically designed for location into a pipework system that cannot be split to extract the screen after commissioning is complete, or where the strainer is to be left installed as an additional permanent safeguard.

Units may be flanged or welded into the line and the screen is extracted through the branch opening.

Each unit is provided with a flanged cover.

Bathtub strainers may also be installed as a permanent strainer for removal of course particles or where contamination is minimal.

Large Duplex D-Type Basket Strainer 10" - 20"

This is the simplest of our product offering.

The contaminated flow enters the filter inlet and then passes through the filtration element flowing from in to out.

The filtration element collects the required level of contamination on the inside of the element.The clean flow exits via the outlet connection.


Sized specifically to a pressure loss requirement (typically 2 psi clean condition).

When the operation differential pressure reaches 7 PSI, the filtration element must be removed and cleaned.

Care must be taken when removing the element to ensure no contaminate can pass from the dirty side to the clean side. All collected contaminate will remain within the filtration element.