An effective means of converting energy into fluid motion is the Plenty Side Entry mixers. They do not experience large energy losses at the pump, in the pipework, in the bends, or most critically, at the jet nozzles, unlike jet mixer systems. The issue of frequent, urgent maintenance on tanks that must be emptied and cleaned is eliminated, and capital costs are minimal and access to in-tank components is not restricted. For bigger diameter tanks, Plenty side entry mixers are frequently less expensive and equally effective. When top entry mixers cannot be used due to practical issues, Plentyside entry mixers are the best option for tanks with floating roofs.

Fixed Angle Plenty side Entry mixers

Duties For Fixed Plenty Side Entry Angle Mixers

Maintaining Homogeneity:

Keeping feedstocks for chemical plants or completed or intermediate products homogeneous will ensure uniform specification. To guarantee that the product at the top, middle, and bottom is uniform and meets specifications, this necessitates total movement throughout the tank with top to bottom “turnover” as well as circulation throughout the tank.


Again, complete top to bottom “turnover” is necessary to combine two or more separate components to create a homogeneous blend in a set amount of time and according to predetermined specifications.

Temperature Uniformity

Top to bottom “turnover” is typically needed to help with heat transfer during heating or cooling or to maintain temperature consistency. The success of the operation also depends on where the mixers are placed in relation to the heating element.

Combined Duties

One or more of the responsibilities might be applicable to a certain application, and the mixer must be chosen based on the responsibilities that are most important. Blending is typically the task that requires the most energy.

Plenty Mixer top & side entry

Swivel Angle Plenty side Entry mixers

Duties For Fixed Plenty Side Entry Angle Mixers

Operation: Swivel Angle Mixers

mostly used for mixing (with the mixer set in the 10° left position) when sludge, solids, etc. need to be suspended. The following swivel programme should be used to run the mixers for best mixing performance.

Clean Or New Tanks - Solids Suspension

30° left, 10° right, 20° left, 20° right, 10° left, 30° right, 30° left etc., angle changes being made every 2-3 months maximum. Specific process guidance is available from SPX.

Dirty Tanks - Solids Suspension

Program similar to that for clean tanks, except initially the mixer should run for around 8 hours on one angle every batch, such as 30° left for the first batch, 10° right for the second batch, and so on, until the deposits are brought down to a manageable level. Then go back to switching the swivel angle every two to three months. From SPX, detailed process advice is offered.

Blending, Maintaining Homogeneity, Temperature, Uniformity

The mixer should be positioned at the 10° left angle to ensure full top to bottom turnover.

Belt Drive Mixer for Oils & Distillations

A taper to taper metal tank shut-off system ensures that the shaft is positively clamped in the shut-off position such that the contents are prevented from escape while the seal is replaced.

Mechanical seals are sleeve mounted for ease of maintenance. The mechanical seal is completely enclosed within a seal housing that also incorporates a back-up seal to restrict leakage in the event of ultimate seal failure. An air release valve is fitted to the seal housing for venting the seal chamber to ensure that it is completely filled with product (liquid) prior to initial and post maintenance start-up. The air release valve is used to prove the shut off is 100% operational before any maintenance work is started.


  • High efficiency impellers for optimum mixing and power savings
  • Positive shut off device allows mechanical seal and bearing changes under full tank conditions
  • Tooth belt for long life and positive engagement between motor and mixer shaft
  • All 316 stainless steel wetted parts construction
  • Maintenance-free, long life bearings

Standard Design Features - Reliability by Design


Plenty first created the high performance genuine helical pitch impeller with forward rake for side entry mixers. A technically sophisticated impeller design with a broad blade area that offers the best cavitation-free suction conditions and promotes maximum pumping rate and entrainment for any installed power has been made possible by years of research in the field of liquid dynamics. Each impeller is precisely cast as a single piece, which eliminates setting variations and welding issues that are frequently found in alternatively constructed designs. Minimal vibration and maximum pumping efficiency are guaranteed by strict examinations of pitch, homogeneity, and balancing.

Impeller Side entry mixers