Hi-Temp 1027
Company: PPG
Provides corrosion resistance under extreme temperature range from –185°C to 650 °C (–300°F to 1,200°F)
Can be applied directly to hot substrates up to 316°C (600°F)
Prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI)
Prevents chloride-induced external stress corrosion cracking of insulated austenitic stainless steel
Ideal for cryogenic service
Simple to use: one-component, surface tolerant, and open recoat window
Proven worldwide track record with excellent results


Sigma Shield 880
Company: PPG
Faster drying
Abrasion resistant
Easy application
Surface tolerant
Better crack- and sag resistance at high-film thickness
The pipe weld seams were stripe coated first and then two coats, approximately 300 microns (12 mils) thick, were applied to a final thickness of 650–900 microns (26–36 mils).