Premier Mill is known globally for the quality and high standard design of their products. Premier Mill, in fact, is the provider of dispersing and milling equipment for the paint, ink and coating industries, as well as, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and adhesives.

Premier not because of the name says they are but because they always go the extra distance, refining and improving their designs in order to improve productivity, reduce maintenance and clean-up costs, cut downtime and improve product quality for the customers.

The products include:




The Supermill offers the highest degree of efficiency and dependability.  Exceptional versatility, easy maintenance and clean-up, and long service life are literally built into each unit by design.  The workhorse, designed for various production rates and ease of operation, this mill is the ideal choice when versatility, reliability and uniform fine dispersion is required.


  •  Internal Rotating Screen and Fixed Gap Tungsten Carbide Media Separator Rings which can operate with a grinding media size of 0.8 mm or larger
  • Low cost, component type Double Mechanical seal that is flushed with an external pumping system drive.


The Supermill 2 is nothing less than a revolutionary step forward in milling technology.  Focusing on the elements critical to your operating personnel, we simplified usage and maintenance while dramatically increasing processing efficiency and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • All Premier Supermills are engineered specifically to provide precision grinding efficiency and cost-effectively.
  • 420 stainless steel inner chamber with integral cooling zones. Ceramic and speciality inner chambers also available.
  • Patented separator designs to handle media sizes from 0.22 mm up.
  • Various chamber configurations available to meet process requirements.
  • A complete range of options provide for maximum customization and versatility


If your objective is “Ultrafine” particle size (submicron) with narrow particle size distribution,
the QMAX Supermill could be the right mill for you. Unsurpassed by any other media mill, this High Flow/High Energy Recirculation Mill contains a new grinding configuration which is unlike those in other conventional disc or peg type media mills.

The QMAX uses a specific orientation of grinding components to create a unique, multi-directional acceleration of grinding media. A highly aggressive flow pattern of the product/media mix is achieved, resulting in a significant increase in the maximum shear level, compared to conventional disc or pin arrangements. Ideal unit for many diverse industries including Paint, Ink and Coatings, Ceramics, Agricultural, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care.

Features and Benefits:

  • High energy “generation 2” AP Discs developed specifically for the QMAX Series.
  • Large surface area discharge screen for product/media separation mounted on end of grinding chamber for easy access.
  • Designed for use with grinding media as small as 0.1mm (100 microns)
  • Increased cooling capability with optimized spiral cooling channels.